Cytoskeleton Tatianna C. & Wandia E.

" What's A Cytoskeleton?"

It's what gives the cell shape and helps it move, of course.

" Why does it have such a peculiar shape?"

It's the structure and support of the actual cell, it's supposed to have this shape.

"Is it located in a specific place?"

It's where the cytoplasm comes into contact with the cell membrane.

"What's the main focus?"

A series of inter-cellular proteins, offers support and shape, and allows movement.

"How does it's structure allow for it's function?"

As the name would suggest, it's the foundation & gives the cell IT's shape.

" What part of B.C.I.T. does this organelle represent?

I'd have to say the student body or possibly the school building in general:

The school Body since that's what shapes opinions about our school and it's students.

The school building since that's what's keeping the school up, or rather giving the school it's shape to begin with.

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