A Change in Perspective To kill a mockingbird

Tire Games: Arthur Radley's view on a child's play

Lee Chapter 4, page 49: It was that afternoon that I heard them. Some of the town's children playing outside. "Well, are we gonna play anything or not?" a boy said. It must be nice to play out there. It gets kind of lonely inside this house all of the time. "Lets roll in the tire." a little girl suggested. Or at least I think she was a girl. She didn't dress or act like a lady that little Jean Louise Finch. It was special. She should stay that way. "Scout, we can't play that. You know I am too big." "That's okay Jem. You can push." Jeremy Finch. An interesting duo those too. "I'm first!" Scout yelled. The kids argued a bit who would ride first. The battle was won by none other than the little girl herself. I could hear some more cheering and yelling. I watched quietly from the darkness of my house. There was some more yelling. This time it didn't sound as pleasant. I waited and watched. She was rolling right into my front yard. When the tire crashed into the front step and she came tumbling out I couldn't help but laugh. She looked up mortified. Could she hear me? I thought. I meant no harm. "Scout, get outta there!!" Jem yelled. She looked paralyzed by fear. That's right. That is when I remembered. I am nothing but the "living" ghost that haunts this house. When will they learn I am more than just a rumor? I will show them. One day that Jean Louise Finch will meet the real Arthur Radley.

"Lets roll in the tire!"

Fear for Family: Atticus's view the night of the mob

"I believe him"

Lee Chapter 115, pages 201-203: I was sitting outside of Tom's cell with my paper. I knew they were gonna come. That is just the way people act in this here town. I could hear their footsteps reaching from soft to loud as the came closer. I put my newspaper down in my lap. There were more of them then I expected. Many more. "He in there, Mr Finch?" one man called. "He is." I replied. "But he is asleep so don't wake him." I said a little sterner. "You know what we want Atticus." another said. Of course I knew what they came here for. It was as plain as day. "You can turn right around and go home." I said. "Heck Tate's around here somewhere." I wasn't sure he was but it was worth a shot. "The hell he is." the man snickered. "Him and his bunch are out in the woods. Won't be back until morning." The crowd started moving closer. But then something burst through. "Hey Atticus!" Scout yelled with glee as she smiled. I lost all recognition of what was happening around me. Just that my daughter was standing before me in a dangerous mob. Her joy shifted when she saw me. Maybe she was getting the reminiscence in the air of my fear but it shocked her. Jem pushed his way through to grab a hold of Scout. I was scared. Maybe that was the one time I let it show but I was terrified. What did I get my children into?

Haints in the Night: Jem's view after the play

Lee Chapter 28, page 349: A thunderstorm was coming. However, that was not the cause of my uneasiness. I could hear something. But all I hope that it is just that little Cecil trying to sneak up on us. I stopped walking. I can't hear the noise anymore. "What's wrong?" Scout asked. "I thought I heard something." I told her. I could tell she was a bit nervous. "It was nothing though." "Maybe it was just the old dog?" She added. We continued on our way. There it is again. It almost sounded like footsteps. When I stop, it stops too. "Jem are you just trying to scare me?" Scout jokes. I wish. I thought to myself. We keep going. Scout stops me this time. "I can hear it now." she says sounding a bit shaky. "Scout, I can see you." I say. Her ham costume was coating in some kind of reflective paint. It was kind of helpful but it didn't look that way right now. "You can?" She asked. "Yeah." I answered. "It's probably just Cecil trying to scare us again." I do believe in haints. I do believe in haints. I do believe in haints. I repeated over and over. Don't be scared. I can't remember who screamed first. But a scream is the last thing I remember.

"This was the stillness before a thunderstorm. We listened."

Interrogations: Tate's view as the interrogator

"The ground is always cooler under a tree."

Lee Chapter 29, page 358-360: "I'd like to say if it won't hurt him any." I say. I desperately want to ask Scout what happened there. If Atticus knew what I knew. Those children. What exactly happened out there? "So dear can you tell me what happened?" "We were heading home. I forgot my shoes. Jem said I could get 'em tomorrow... but then he hushed meh up." She said. "He heard something." she added. "Okay what did you hear?" I asked. This isn't quite making sense yet. What did he have to do with these kids and some missing shoes? "We weren't sure. It sounded like footsteps." she continued. "We only thought it was Cecil." I stopped her this time. "Cecil?" "Yes. Cecil Jacobs played a joke on us earlier that night." "So it was not this Cecil was it?" I asked. "No sir." "Then who was it?" "I don't know. A grown someone of sorts. They grabbed us under the tree." I shivered a bit. 'Under the tree? I thought you couldn't see anything. How did you know you were under the tree?" "We were bare foot. Jem said the ground is cooler under a tree." I was taken back a bit. Smart kid. "They attacked us." That is when I could finally piece things together. This was an act of revenge. Bob Ewell wanted revenge on Atticus and took it out on his kids knowing it would get to him most. But how to tell him that his son killed a man. Maybe he didn't kill him. Maybe there was someone else. Maybe he fell on his own knife. Maybe... just maybe.


This assignment was a good way to put yourself in someone else's shoes. When you read the story from Scout's point of view you hear only her ideas and thoughts. In trying to show parts of a story from the stand point of another character's view you learn their ideas or even shape what you think the character would act like. You use what you already know about a character and enhance the those traits to form a personality. In this case it shows you what it is like to do one of Atticus's biggest lessons. To stand in someone else's shoes. If Scout was shocked during the fire what did Miss Maudie feel. When Jem and Scout were attacked what things were running rapid through Bob Ewell's head. It increases your thoughts and your involvement with the characters and more intertwined with the story. Overall this assignment gave me a much better understanding for how these characters make up this story.

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