Fidel Castro the controversial former leader of cuba

Fidel Castro was the political leader of Cuba. Castro made Cuba the first Communist state in the Western Hemisphere. The United States invaded in an attempt to squash Communism in the Western Hemisphere. Castro won a decisive victory at the Bay of Pigs. Castro started an alliance with Russia and eventually began acquiring weapons from them. This caused the Cuban Missile Crisis and almost started the Cold War.

Fidel Castro once said, "I am a Marxists Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life." This ties into Castro's core belief; he is communist.

Castro ties into a few of the eight themes, but I think that his name goes best with Economics, and Power and Authority. He ties into economics because of the communist society he created. In traditional Communist beliefs everybody shares everything and all of the wealth they create. In whole, Castro made Cuba a Communist society and this affected their economy. He ties in best to Power and Authority because he was a dictator even though he claimed Cuba would "never be ruled by a dictator again." These are the two themes Castro ties in best to.

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