Kurzweil bY Alfredo Perez

Kurzweil is a text to speech assistive technology. It reads text aloud while a student follows along. It is good for students that have reading issues or dyslexia. this company was founded in 1996 as a developer of reading technology for the learning or visually disabled.
Kurzweil benefits society in many ways. It helps not only students with learning disability or visual impairment but it can also help people with second language barrier. It allows you to upload any PDF and many textbooks in order to have them read aloud. This helps people increase their confidence and reading skills like never before.
Kurzweil can be used in schools and work places to change the way that information is received. It is proven to help increase the independence and confidence of readers at all different levels.
Kurzweil addresses reading and comprehension issues for many different types of people. It helps to level the playing field for people who are not natural readers.

Resource: https://www.kurzweiledu.com/default.html

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alfredo perez

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