Lindau, Bavaria (Calm before the storm)

Lindau Island is on Lake Constance (or Bodensee) in Bavaria, Germany. It marks the end of one adventure and the beginnings of another...

It will be the meeting point of a number of Surrey Hills 3127 friends who most have also taken the opportunity to do a little adventuring themselves. We have however, jumped the gun and have arrived a few days early just to take a breather from our hectic schedule and catch up on some basics, like our laundry!

We have also benefited from some very pleasant weather that makes drying clothes so much easier, but have just enjoyed some time out soaking up the sunshine and even having a splash in the lake.

Whilst we fear you might all be suffering from “old town” fatigue by now, we cannot help but just ogle over them and Lindau is another classic European example with its own unique character. (Suggest turning away now if you’ve seen one too many old towns!)

We are now at the end of day 2 in Lindau and the Surrey Hills group has finally all arrived and the beginnings of the next adventure has begun...

In a few days time we will be departing on a bike ride called the Bodensee Königssee Radweg. The journey will start in Lindau with 9 riders and 2 support crew and will finish in Salzburg some 450km later. Not sure how many riders or support crew will make it by the end, but I suspect it will be entertaining!

We have already kicked off proceedings with a healthy belly laugh when after our waitress learned we where all from Australia, then asked Indrani if she was Aboriginal! (For the benefit of those that don’t know Indrani...it’s all in the name!)

That’s me out there dipping my toe in the water!
Train Station on Lindau Island
Out for drinks with Surrey Hills crew
Dinner with the crew
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Stephen Mathieson

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