Westport Arts Center becomes the MoCA BY: MARGOT STACK '22

The Westport Arts Center had a grand re-opening on Sept. 22 declaring their new name, MoCA or Museum of Contemporary Art. The name is inspired by the other MoCA's all around the country including, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. After 50 years of displaying art, the Westport Arts Center is exited to open a new chapter with a different identity at 19 Newtown Turnpike. The MoCA provides a new, modern look at art from a variety of artists. Yayoi Kusama's work is the first to be showcased at the MoCA. Take a look at some of Kusama's work.

Yayoi Kusama's "Where the Lights in My Heart Go" Photos taken by: Margot Stack '22

The "Where the Lights in My Heart Go" piece consists of a stainless steel box with six holes on each side of the box. During the day, the natural light seeps through each hole and reflects off the wall creating a starry night effect. 

Yayoi Kusama's "Narcissist Garden." Photos by: Margot Stack '22

The "Narcissist Garden" is like walking through a garden, of you. A large room filled with stainless steel balls reflecting everything around it.

Photos by: Margot Stack '22

The MoCA doesn't only display beautiful art on the inside, but with its castle like exterior it attracts anyone who sees it.

Photos by: Margot Stack '22

The MoCA is the perfect place to see art locally. The ticket prices are inexpensive and easy to purchase. You also get to be up close to the art and overall have a great experience.

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Margot Stack