*The Southeast Region!!* **By: Emmalyn , Carmen , Sofia, Ema-Lee!!!**

In the Southeast the land is very damp but in some places the land is very dry! There is a large river that flows through the region! There is a Blue Ridge Mountain that stretches all the way from Northern Georgia into Pennsylvania!

In the Southeast they sell Tobacco Sauce to make money and to help their company and community! They sell Peanuts for money!!!! They sell all kinds of food!! This is how the Southeast makes there money!! Sell all kinds of foods especially seafood!! This is how they make MONEY!!!!!

The Southeast has Country Music, Jazz Many Famous Pop Stars have originated from the South such as Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton!! People like to visit the beaches in the Southeast!!

People go to Orlando, Florida to go to Disney World! People go to Williams berg to visit Sesame Street!!

This is the Climate of the Southeast! It is very Humid and very very damp in the Southeast!! It also rains a lot!!

The Climate

Other Interesting Fact!! It is Humid in the Southeast! It is home to Disney World the most visited place in the WORLD!! Florida has 836,507 people. The Southeast is 580,800 miles LONG!! These are the major cities in the region Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida!! These are the states in the Southeast Region Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina!!

Thanks For Reading our project about the Southeast Region!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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