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We are advocating the prevention of childhood obesity. Our main goal is to change the lifestyles of the children in the United States so that they will have the tools to create a healthy future. The problem is that America as a whole are becoming more sedentary and are eating more calories than ever. This leads to bad health habits forming at an early age. We want to fix this problem by informing parents everywhere the dangers of letting these habits form. We would like to do this through public announcements, advertisements, and social media. Spreading the word as quickly as possible will create the best results. It takes a lot of time to break a habit, so that's why the best cure to childhood obesity is prevention through knowledge.


Children in all industrialized countries of the world are gaining more and more weight. Childhood obesity is caused by having too many calories taken in and not enough burned off by daily activities. This means that eating too much food or exercising too little could be the cause. Also, with the increase of preservatives in everyday foods, it is hard to have a balanced diet. With the explosion of technology, children are also more likely to sit in front of a television or phone for hours at a time rather than going to play outside. These bad habits just keep increasing as time passes, making the epidemic of childhood obesity to increase right along with it. Also, parents having these bad health habits may also mean that their children will have a predisposition to their bad habits as well. So in order to break the cycle, intensive efforts need to take place. The major goal of this project is to decrease the number of children who are overweight. This would eventually also decrease the number of adults who are overweight, as it would be the parents teaching the children good habits. The process will be slow, as losing weight always is, but the health benefits will be worth all of the struggle. One of the objectives is getting the parents to understand that the process of changing habits starts with them.


Things need to change. If the lifestyle’s of children stay the same, the obesity rates are going to continue to skyrocket, as a majority of overweight children stay overweight into adulthood. This is not a matter of raising money for a cause, but to have a healthier future for the next generations to come. Spreading the word is essential for change to happen. Our ultimate goal is to see the rate of children who are overweight or obese to decline. We want to do this by broadcasting our video via news channels and social media in order to educate parents about the dangers that they may be putting their children into. Also, having guidelines for healthy alternatives may help in this process, as parents will know how to make these changes. It would be beneficial if everyone who visits this page writes a letter to the governor of Missouri. That way this cause has extra support to increase the chances of it being successful. We are not looking for money per say, but the spreading of information that will benefit the whole community. Take a stand and help our nation prosper.

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