Little Red Riding Hood (There are many verSions of it)


The setting of the story was in little reds house, the woods and her grandmothers house. The characters in the story was Little Red riding hood, her mother and grandmother, the wolf, and in a few stories the lumberjack/huntsman.
Plot summary: Little Red Riding Hood's mother tells her to take some food to her Granny who is sick. Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf and she tells him where she is going. The wolf goes ahead of her and eats her Granny and then waits for Little Red Riding Hood to come .The meaning of the folktales is that to not talk to strangers even if they are coming to you with good intentions.
The reason it's retold to generations because of the meaning the tale carries. It teaches kids about certain social issues. The symbol in this this story is the wild (stranger) and little red riding hood ( young girl).
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