Cassandra Picard Learning portfolio

Hi, my name is Cassandra Picard. I am a first semester student at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. This portfolio will be used to demonstrate my personal development and achievements as I complete the Child and Youth Care program.

Some quick information about myself, I am originally from north of Sudbury but have been living in Hamilton for the past 4 years as I finished my Bachelor of Science at McMaster University. While at McMaster I worked at a Community Advisor for one year and then as a Senior Community Advisor. This experience as a student leader in the McMaster residence buildings provided me with many growth opportunities and I am so grateful for this.

First Semester Program of Study

In the Therapeutic Programming course, we worked in groups of 4 students to conduct research on treatment strategies for children, youth and their families. Our research can be found in our presentation called, "Crisis Intervention in a Residential Centre".

Reflection: Group work is something that I always find a little challenging. That is not to say that I don't appreciate the important of it, but in a group where individuals do not know each other I sometimes find it difficult to effectively divide up roles so that each person is contributing something that they are not only confident completing but also challenged in. I do not believe in playing it safe, and therefore I always strive to do something new that I can learn from and which will develop my skills. This project was a real learning curve as I had not known my classmates for more than a week before we were grouped off for this project. It provided us with a real opportunity to learn from and about each other.

Crisis Intervention - What is it?

This video helped our group get started on our project.

Final Semester

In our last semester, we get a chance to practice our professional skills.

Success! I graduated from Mohawk in October 2015.

Contact: Cassandra Picard



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