100 Strangers Project A photography Project by David Weir

David Weir, a designer from Los Angeles takes photographs for a hobby. Recently he decided to challenge his creative eye by taking on a new project.

The project is called "100 Strangers", and it is exactly what it sounds. Weir is on a mission to photograph 100 strangers and present their stories behind the portraits he takes of them.

These are just 6 of the 42 "strangers" David Weir has met to reach his goal of 100 strangers.

Benny - Stranger #14

Benny - Stranger #14

This is Benny. Benny is the 14th subject of David Weir's project. David met Benny in Australia while visiting is home country. While getting new shoes at the Vans store, David met Benny and asked him to be a subject in his project. Ben is a skater and surfer. He is also in two bands as a guitarist and lead vocalist.

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Ethan Russell


Created with images by Republica - "camera vintage retro" • Unsplash - "camera photography lens"

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