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Canada's capital city is Ottawa and the official languages of Canada are french and english. The population of Canada is 35 million. Canada was founded on July 1st 1867, and because of that we celebrate Canada day on July 1st. Canada is a country in North America and some interesting facts about Canada are: Canada's lowest temperature ever was -63 celsius degrees in Yukon, 1946

In Canada it snows a lot

-Canada has the largest coastline in the world

-Yonge street in Canada is the longest street in the World

-The north American beaver is the national animal of Canada

This is the North American Beaver
Features of Canada

The 3 features that I picked are Canada's Lakes, Canada's diversity, and the food.

The lakes

Canada has a lot of lakes. The Canadian encyclopaedia says that Canada has about 2 million lakes. A lot of them are very amazing because of how they look and what they can do. Canada also has something called “The great lakes”, and that refers to 5 of the largest lakes in Canada. The great lakes are ; Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Lake Superior is the largest lake and Lake Erie is the smallest in this group of 5.

This is a picture of Lake Superior

Canada’s lakes are amazing because of what they can do. For example Medicine Lake is a lake that it is there in the summer but in the winter it disappears due to sinkholes. Another example is Little Manitou Lake. This lake has a mineral density that is 3 times saltier than the ocean. So swimmers can float on their backs easily. Also in Lake Erie there is supposedly a 40 foot snake like creature.

Why should canadians value it

Why should Canadians value the lakes

Canadians should value the lakes because they are a big part of Canada. About 7.6% of Canada is fresh water, and without all the lakes Canada wouldn’t be what is it today. The lakes are recognized all around the world and the 5 great lakes are known all around the world. The great lakes contain 20 percent of the world’s freshwater and freshwater is very important to our survival. The lakes also add on to the beauty of Canada as they are full of wonders.

This is a lake in Canada in the winter. As you can see the lake is very beautiful and it is showing Canada in a picture with the snow. The lakes are a big part of Canada and all Canadians should recognize how important they are because of the fresh water and because lakes also provide shelter and food for many animals in Canada.
Canada's Diversity

Canada’s Diversity

What is diversity? Diversity is understanding that every person is unique and accepting those people. Canada is very diverse because it has a lot of different cultures living together in one country. Canada supports all cultures and is diverse.

As you can see in this picture different people from different cultures are all holding a Canadian flag and this proves that Canada is diverse with all of the different people there.

Canada shows its diversity by having multiple cuisines that have food for all cultures, and also Canada has a lot of jobs to offer and the positions can go to all cultures. Now 20% of Canada’s population are immigrants. Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau believes that Canada is a very diverse country.

This is a tweet that Canada's Prime Minister tweeted on January 28th 2017. In this tweet Justin Trudeau is basically saying that Canada welcomes everybody no matter what culture or what they've been through.
Why WE should value it

Why we should value the diversity

Diversity is a big part of Canada and since it welcomes all cultures, it is known for its diversity. Canada’s diversity makes it unique than some countries. We should value Canada’s diversity because (according to Justin Trudeau) diversity is Canada’s strength. Being diverse will help Canada succeed and advance in the world. The diversity makes Canada a safer, stronger and a smarter place since it is full with different people who are all unique.

This photo is a very good representation of the diversity in Canada because it shows all different people from different cultures together and therefore making the Canadian flag.
The food

Canada’s food

Canada has a huge variety of food and it is good for everyone. The different types of food are for everyone and that is also showing us diversity. Canada has a lot of food items that represent Canada, some of them being ; poutine. Poutine is basically fries, cheese curds and gravy, and this is very famous in Canada and is known all around the world but is originated in Canada. Another famous Canadian food is maple syrup. Maple syrup is very famous in Canada and is made from maple trees. People use it with pancakes and etc… BeaverTails are also very famous and they are dough shaped like a beaver's tail, topped with chocolate and candy.

This is what poutine looks like. As you can see it is fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Canada also has a food guide which tells everyone what foods are good and they need. The 4 categories are: fruits and vegetables, meat and alternatives, milk and alternatives and grains. These tell us how many servings we need in a day in each category.

This is the food guide and it shows the servings and what is in each categories.
Why should we value it

Why should value it

Canada has a lot of variety with its food and it provides to all cultures. Canadians should value it because it is very unique and it is also famous. This food represents Canada and we should value it because it is what makes Canada what it is. For example if we stopped making maple syrup, Canada would lose an important factor.

This is maple syrup

Another reason why we should value it is because it is also helping us stay healthy, for example the Canada food guide helps us stay healthy and tell us what foods to eat that will help us stay healthy and make us not hungry.


This is the end of my adobe spark and just to recap the three features I chose were the food, the diversity and the lakes. We should value all these resources because they define Canada and they are what make Canada a great country. Also we should value these because they will help Canada advance in the world.


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