Mrs. Moore Heywood ELEMENTARY, 5th grade. reading/lang. arts and soc. st.


I am responsible for the planning and instructions of all content areas listed above. I have a lot of grading to do with the subjects I teach. I have an inclusion classroom, so I have to modify and adapt the curriculum for all my students. I am responsible for making sure my grades are updated and I am meeting my CCSS. Classroom management and discipline is also a part of my job, as well as parent communication. I work closely with my Support Staff, Mrs. Ellinger. She is an important member of my team. We meet every week to discuss what we are covering that week and her input team. We meet every week to discuss what we are covering that week and her input is invaluable to the success of our students. I also work with an Intervention Specialist, Mr. D. He does mostly pull out w/ my identified students. We collaborate weekly as well.


In order to do this job you need to be a team player. No one can do this job alone. You need to teach your strengths an be willing to ask for help when needed. You need to be flexible. Every day is different and each child is an individual. I think compassion, patience and empathy are the three of the most important skills you need to be a teacher. Willingness to work with others and be a good listener are also important. I guess I wish I understood the amount of time it takes to be a good teacher. It is not a 9-5 job. My instructions told me it wasn't but you don't truly understand it until you live it. It was also an eye opening experience to realize that not all of the kids in one classroom are on one level. Currently, I have 25 students and the reading levels alone range from 1st to 7th! It is not an easy job. When I first started many years ago, I was required to have a Teaching Certificate. I took a state test and if you passed, you got your certificate to teach. Now I have a license. I am required to complete a 5 Year Professional Development Plan and 6 Semester hours of continuing education every 5 years to renew my license.


My greatest satisfaction as a teacher is the kids. I know that sounds simple, but it is the truth. When I see them suddenly "get" what I am trying to teach, it is really something. I am passionate about reading and so many kids don't know how to read and understand what they are reading. If I can help them with that, then I am happy. I am strong advocate for year round school. If I could change one thing that would be it. I think kids need to be in school more.

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