Invent a bird


  • paper
  • pencil
  • any materials you can find in your house, be creative, anything can be an art material


  1. If a bird could do anything what would you like it to do?
  2. Create a drawing of an imaginary bird with an imaginary adaptation. What do you want your bird to be able to do?
  3. Make a model of your bird using materials around your house (it can be a sculpture, drawing or photograph)


  • a bird with big wings that could fan you to keep you cool
  • a bird with a sharp beak that can cut fruit
  • a bird with big colorful translucent wings that can project pretty colors on the wall
  • make a bird by arranging laundry on your bed
  • use found objects to create a bird sculpture
  • use any drawing material you can find to draw a picture of your bird
  • use tinfoil to create a bird sculpture
  • paint your bird using coffee of food coloring
  • any idea is a good idea!