James Joyce By James Ciccone

Writing Styles

James Joyce is notorious for writing in a peculiar and fascinating style which is called "stream of consciousness" which was a popularized term created by physiologist William James

James Joyce has written stories in numerous writing styles.

James Joyce had three things he tried to do in his writing style. First off, he wanted his sentences to sound beautiful like poetry. Secondly, he wanted to have his writing be about true reality as much as possible. Thirdly, he wanted to stretch every historical writing style to its limit. Fourth and lastly, he wanted to create truly humane characters.

Main Themes of James Joyce

Country and Nationality- James Joyce was a native Irishmen and travelled through various countries in Europe to find the place he felt most comfortable. These places included countries like France and Italy. Akthough Joyce felt he was most disconnected with his homeland Ireland most of her s stories centered around a main theme of country and nationality and even him being an irishmen

Family- another main theme in most of James Joyce's writings is family. James Joyce was close to his father growing up being the oldest son and was I beaded into a tight family dynamic. Much of Joyce's life centered around his family and this transcending into his writings.

Genius- In many of James Joyce's stories the theme of genius is introduced. The theme came from the fact that Joyce was convinced he was a genius even making his mother pawn away her possessions so that he may study in Paris and stimulate his genius.

James Joyce Stories

After the Race


The Boarding House

The Dubliners

An Encounter



A Mother

The Sisters

Two Gallants

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