Ancient Greece By: Alex medina

Ancient Greece is in Europe. It is near the Mediterranean Sea and Italy. Ancient Greece is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. A mountain that is in Greece is Mount Olympus. The Ionian Sea is close to Greece.

Ancient Greece started in 2000 B.C. and ended in 323 B.C. The civilization ended because the Romans took over. The enemies of ancient Greece was the Romans and the Persians. An invention that the Greeks started was the Olympics and we still use the Olympics to this day. An impact that Greece had with a civilization was the Persians they had a war that was one of the most famous wars in ancient Greece.

About 800,000 people lived in ancient Greece. The language the people in Greece spoke was Greek. In Greece boys trained for the army most of their life, girls trained to support a family,men were in charge and were able to do anything they wanted, and women did housework.

When it came the time to eat the rich people used to eat meat and the not so wealthy ate bread and vegetables. The Greeks believed in bargaining with gods. Most people in Greece wore bright,white and loose clothes. During art the Greeks made pots and they tried to make it perfect as possible. A ritual they did was that they sacrificed animals. A holiday they have is Easter Thursday.

Alexander The Great was a famous leader because he was really brave he did what hundreds of armies couldn’t. Socrates was a famous leader for his wisdom and his smartness. If you wanted to become a leader in Greece you had to be brave. The highest type of people in the social class were Athens then came the metics then the freedmen and the lowest class was the slaves. One of the only laws was established exile as the penalty for homicide.

In ancient Greece their was many laws but the most common ones were money changers, bards, Musicians, Druggist, and Baker. The money people used in ancient Greece looks way different from our money we use now. The money in ancient Greece was a coin it had a kid riding a dolphin. Ancient Greece traded a lot with Egypt,Syria, and Sicily they traded slaves,wood,corn,iron, and copper.

Rome, Syria, and Sicily

For sports the Greeks liked to play chariot racing, pentathlon,discus throwing, and many more. In ancient Greece the wealthy lived a life full of leisure. A lot of people were farmers, teachers, merchants, sailors, metal workers, and marble workers. Hard work was done by slaves. Homes were really close to each other. The rich lived in 2 story homes.

A thing that affects us that happened in ancient Greece's past is that they started the Olympics which we do now because of the Greeks. Recently a man snuck a boy to sacrifice to Zeus.


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