Greek style grilled cheese delights any meal Nick lolis '24

Greek food is a staple in my family. Our favorite thing to make is a Santorini style grilled cheese sandwich because it's easy to make, it doesn't take a long time and it's absolutely delicious.

The ingredients that are required are three tablespoons of olive oil, two rustic bread slices, a half cup of feta cheese, a half cup of ricotta, a half cup of mozzarella, a teaspoon of olive oil, a pinch of oregano and two thick tomato slices.

Put a half cup of crumbled feta cheese, a half cup of ricotta cheese and a half cup of mozzarella into a medium sized bowl. Then add olive oil and a pinch of oregano. Photos by Nick Lolis.
After making the cheese mix, slice two rustic bread slices.
Place a pan on the grill and pour a little olive oil into it. Put the burner on to low to medium.
Grill the two bread slices together in the same pan until they look toasted on both sides of the slices.
Next, slice two relatively thick slices of tomatoes. I sliced four here because I was making two sandwiches. Make sure to season these with pepper and salt. Then put them in a smaller pan with olive oil. Season them again in the pan.
Spread the cheese mix on the bread slices as though the cheese mix were butter.
Then, put the grilled tomatoes on one slice of the bread on top of the cheese mix.
Insert the sandwich back in the pan to lightly melt the cheese mix.
Add some Greek olives on the side, and you have yourself an amazing meal that you can eat at any time of the day. All photos by Nicholas Lolis '24.