The Harn Museum of Art Ryan Bahng

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Ancestor Spirit Masquerade Costume (Egungun)

This piece specifically stood out to me at the museum because of its uniqueness. This is covered in different fabrics, leather, and metal. I was intrigued by this because it made me wonder why the artist chose to put the different types and why this color scheme was chosen. I read the description under this piece and it said that they were masqueraded because they embody spirits of their ancestors. I thought this was an interesting peek into this culture, and even though this was only created 14 years ago, it doesn't look like other artwork I've seen which I liked. Seeing this in person rather than a picture allowed me to actually analyze the art and read descriptions about the pieces. This one in particular, if I had just seen a picture, I would not have gotten a good background of the art and would not have been able to tell as clearly which mediums were used to create this.

Design of the Museum:

This was my favorite room in the museum. I liked the big windows that covered almost the whole wall and it was a very bright room. Another thing i liked about this room is how spacious it is. Had they had the same design of the room but filled it with a bunch of artwork, I do not think I would have liked it as much because it would be to crowded. I liked that they put these art pieces on the ground and we could get a 360º view. This room was calming because there was not much going on in the room so I wasn't overwhelmed, and the window looking to the outside made the room very calm and peaceful.

Art and Core Values:

This picture was not in a room, it was just in a hallway. As I was walking past it, it caught my eye. This piece itself is not insulting, the point it raises is insulting. There are plenty of female artists that could be featured in the Metropolitan Museum, but out of all the artwork in there, only 4% are created by women. This statistic alone is shocking, but what follows this is even more insulting to women — 75% of the nudes are women. The picture that goes along with this quote is a nude woman with a gorilla head instead of a human head. This shows how women are being objectified because the men don't care what their faces look like as long as they have a good body. This furthers my understanding that women should be treated equally and that women are objectified in subtle ways that one might skim by and not notice at the surface.

Art and the Good Life:

Seated Bodhisattva (1600s)

A Bodhisattva is a Buddha that is withholding from reaching enlightenment because he is sympathetic towards the other people who are also trying to reach that same goal. This represents the good life to me because even though this Buddha is ready for enlightenment, it refrains only so it can help other people get closer to their shared goal of enlightenment. I think this goes hand in hand with sharing the good life. A Bodhisattva is able to share their experiences that might further other peoples' paths. The hand position that this is holding means fearless, and the other hand means gift-bestowing. This helps me appreciate the good life more because for centuries people have been striving for the good life, and sharing the good life has always been a part of that.

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