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Part of my job as your photographer is to relieve as much stress as possible before the day of the session. We sit, chat, and design your session to reflect who your family is. I want to know who you all are, what your style is, even what clothes you want wear. Until we sit down, Let me give you some helpful information that will help you to prepare…Shall we get started?

First of all, who are you? What is your personality like? Who is your family. How do you want to portray your family? Do you love music, play music, sports, what makes your family, well your family? This is where your family questionnaire comes in handy. There are a series of questions to help determine who you are and what your personalities are like. I use this to personalize your session, so please be sure to answer the questions as honestly as you can.

Secondly, how do you want your session to feel? Are you guys more laid back, outgoing or quiet and shy? I want to know how to direct your poses, and what locations you want to use. Majority of my families choose a location that is special to them. Seriously, this is the time I want to know your thoughts, your input is important. Please let me know any special poses, ideas, or locations you want to use. These really do add to bring out your families personality as well.

So let’s talk location… This is really important as it will reflect on your family. Choosing a location should be some place that is special to your family. Some ideas are a park your kids like to play at, a location where you and your spouse met, got engaged, always love to visit. These types of locations will help to make this session more memorable. Of course, I have a list of locations as well that you can choose from if you would like. I am an on-location photographer. Which means I do not have a studio. I believe natural light makes portraits look fresh, timeless and enhance your truest selves. Of course we can shoot your session inside if you would like. I will bring extra flashes to help with lighting if needed.

Some of my favorite locations

Next let’s talk clothing… Here is where you can be as creative or as traditional as you want. Here are a few ways to incorporate color into your outfits. If you are choosing muted or neutral colors, you can add color through your accessories, scarves, jewelry, hair accessories, and hats or even hand bags. It is always a good idea to choose a color palette that coordinates with each other, but not matchy matchy. You want to add patterns and colors together so they don’t clash. We don’t one member to always stand out in each image. Make sure your clothing fits comfortably. Clothes too tight tend to make you look uncomfortable and can restrict your movements. Don’t wear clothes that are too baggy and hide you either. Rule of thumb, if you can’t sit in those pants, don’t wear them. If you are uncomfortable the camera will see that.

Children need prepping too…

Help them get excited about the session by telling them what we are going to do, so they are not caught off guard. Tell them that we are going to have lots of fun, and we are going to laugh a lot. This will help them to know that I am here to capture the fun, your family will share. Don’t add too much pressure on them to be “on their best behavior”, they will worry about that and not on having fun. They tend to pick up on your stress level, so remember to remain calm and cool and this is something to do that is fun. About 20-25 minutes into the session, we will take a break for a snack, touching up make-up and to just relax. During this time, I may photograph you guys in your natural interaction. Please do not worry about smiling or posing as this is just your time to interact naturally. I like to do a break for a little bit to keep kids focused on what we are “really” doing. I want them to stay happy and one way to do that (works for adults too) is to keep a tummy satisfied. When you bring a snack make sure it is something that can be eaten quickly and isn’t messy. Snacks such as fruit, small fishy crackers, or cheerios are great during this time. Of course I know there will be moments where kids just stop cooperating, don’t worry about this as I have some tricks up my sleeves to help get past this. Once we are done with the Main session I would like to capture the kids in free play. Whether that is at the park playing at the playground or just sitting on the ground playing with some toys. I feel capturing them during this time, will allow you to get some priceless moments you will cherish forever. So please bring their favorite toys or books along to the session.

What happens after the session…

Well at your session before we start we will schedule your viewing session. I would wait until the end, but sometimes the momentum we get in is so strong I might forget. So we will do this first. This session will be about 7 days after your portrait session. Here we will sit and view your slideshow and depending on the number of family members and or combinations, I will present 40-60 beautiful images for your selection process. Then you choose your favorites from the individual images. Prints and products can be ordered in a collection or a-la-carte. I will answer all your questions and concerns. Once you are satisfied, you will place and pay for your order in full. 24 hours after your ordering session, I will place this order. Once I do place this order, there will be no refunds given. Typically orders will arrive within 2-4 weeks. To make sure we are not rushed or become distracted, please keep your children at home with a sitter. This way you can enjoy a quiet night together.

So what does your $150 Session fee include?

  • Your consultation and planning session. Here I sit with you and we talk details, clothes, poses, locations and anything else you want to discuss.
  • Your 60 minute session. Here we bring your ideas to life. We follow the timeline for your session and even have time to play.
  • My time and talents I go through your images and touch up the keepers and create your slideshow.
  • It also includes your viewing and ordering session, here we watch your slideshow that I created with music, and your individual images. We talk about my samples, and I provide drinks and a snack as well.

Here are some other information that might be helpful for you to know…

  • Pets are allowed, after all they are part of the family. Just make sure to keep them leashed at all times, and to clean up after them.
  • If bringing hunting items for your props, please make sure they are void of ammunition and the safety is on.
  • If bringing confetti, paint, or chalk, please make sure it is something that won’t stain clothes or harm the environment.
  • Most likely we will be outdoors, which means there may not be a place to change, so bring clothes that are easy on and off.
  • Please remember, you are paying me for my time and talents, so no other cameras will be allowed, including cell phones. You will get sneak peeks, so just have some patience.
  • Remember, taking photographs on train tracks is illegal, so I will not take any photographs on them, don’t even ask.
  • Remember you will be in a variety of positions if for some reason you are not comfortable, let me know right away! Do not hold it back, this is for your safety!!
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