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Location is the geographic theme that describes where something is at. There are two different categories of location.

The first category is relative location. Relative location is using other things that are in relation with what you're trying to find/define. Niger is in relative location with the countries that surround it. The countries that surround it are Chad to the East, Nigeria and Benin to the South, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Algeria to the West, and Libya to the North.

Mosque in Mali

The second category is absolute location. Absolute location uses latitude and longitude to define a places location in an exact point. Niger is a country so it covers a lot of points on the coordinate grid. But, Niger's capital Niamey has an absolute location. Niamey is located at 13.5116° N, 2.1254° E.

This is a picture of Niamey. As you can tell they have dirt roads and very few cars.

Some of Niamey is nice with beautiful buildings.

Other people have to live in huts they make out of wood, dirt, and straw.

They use camels for a lot more than they use cars. This really boils down to the fact that cars and gas are too expensive for them.

Niger is located on Africa. To be more specific Niger is located in the North East area of Africa. The picture below is a picture of Nigeria. Another country in the same relative area of Africa as Niger.

City in Nigeria

Niger has a few natural landforms that are important. One of them is the Niger River, which is the third longest river in Africa. Niger also has the Air Mountains which are located in the Northeastern area of Niger. Lake Chad is also partly in Niger and is one of the biggest lakes in Africa.

Small falls on the Niger River

Below is a video with some facts about the Niger River.

Below is a short video to show what the area of the Air mountains and some of the mountain itself.

Niger is very hot and desert like. It's located on the Sahel and partly on the Sahara desert. In the Sahel there are a lot of animals that thrive there. A couple of them like the Cheetah and the Lion are best known. The Sahel is a big attraction for tourists. In Niger the only two huge water sources are located in the southern area.

Sahara desert
Cheetah that inhabits the Sahel.

Place is the geographic theme that covers what is there either man made or created by the environment.

To live in Niger would be horrendous compared to the way I live here. They have few cars, very little buildings with air conditioning, they are a really poor country and are super undeveloped.

Niger has a lot of natural resources including coal, tin, uranium, gold, iron ore, gypsum, and a couple of others.

A large amount of gold
Coal deposit
Iron ore

Below is a video explaining uranium.

Niger holds a lot of different cultural groups. The biggest is the Hausa with about 50 percent of the population. The next biggest is Zarma with a little over 20 percent. Then, there are the Fulani and the Tuareg with both about 10 percent of the population each. There are also a few really small groups.

Two Hausa men.
Zarma women in traditional wear.
Fulani with their face paints.

Niger, like many other countries in that area, are predominantly Islamic along with their traditional religions and Christianity.

The crescent and star is used to symbolize Islam as a religion with a few other controversial uses.

This writing or symbol is used to translate allah or god in Islam.

A cristian cross is shown here. It shows the difference in people there. Some believe in Jesus and others Muhammad and some believe in neither.

Niger shares a lot of our more popular holidays like Christmas, New Years, and Easter. They also have their own replublic day which is pretty much an Independence Day. With the Islamic dominance in the country they have some Muslim holidays like Ramadan Eid al Fitr. They also do tribal ceremonies with masks and tribal rituals.

People dancing during the salt festival.
Traditional dancers on stilts in Niger festival of its river.
Hausa mask for Hausa tried rituals.

A video of a Festival of Niger performance in their language.

Republique du Niger or the Republic of Niger is the official name of the government of Niger. They have three branches just like we do. They have their president, their National Assembly, and their constitutional court. They have more than 10 political parties. They still share a lot of Frances laws that were put there when the French controlled them. Their economy has gotten worse due to terrorism and less demand of uranium, which was a big part of their economy. They may be boosted back up by the oil they have in their country. Also, Mali is hurting Niger with the unemployed people from Mali illegally entering Niger and kidnapping along with murder and other horrendous actions.

Human-environment interaction is the theme of geography that explains the way the environment of a place affects the people or how the people affect the environment.

In Niger not very many crops are grown. There isn't a lot of Niger where plants can survive at. The places where they can though it's plants like pearl millet, sorghum, and cassava.

Pearl millet

Video below of the food and crop crisis along with drought and malaria.

Although Niger has a pretty good variety of jobs a lot of people are just farmers or herders for their own families. There are also a lot of mines for uranium and other natural resources in the country. I mean there's also a chance to be president.

President Mahamadou Issoufou
Niger farmer
Uranium mine and worker in Niger

In Niger there are a lot of things that are endangered. There are a lot more animals that are endangered so I'll talk about them first. Some of the animals include elephants, lions, cheetah, Addax, the African Skimmer, and many many more. Plants on the other hand there are only Afzelia and African Mahogany that I found. A lot of the animals like elephants and lions are hunted for their exotic parts to say in lack of a better term. The plants are just very useful for building and manufacturing items.

A mahogany tree
African skimmer

The environment in Niger is in very bad shape. A lot of this is due to mining or overgrazing along with deforestation and bad farming techniques. Solutions for Niger to improve their environment would be reforestation along with better care in agriculture.

Region is the geographic theme that can be used to speak of climate, wildlife, religious beliefs, climate, etc.

Niger is very undeveloped and because of that they have very bad schooling. Niger has a really low number of people who can read and write. A lot of the problem is the fact that they are too poor and the parents need extra farm hands or workers so they can survive. With women it tends to be more important for them to get married early so they don't need school.

Niger classroom
Another classroom in Niger
Adults in Niger learning to read and write.

The population of Niger is about 21,280,600. The population density of Niger 44 people per square mile. The whole country of Niger is only 489,200 square miles. Their capita GDP is 383.83 in US dollars. They do have a pretty low life expectancy compared to other countries though. For men in Niger the life expectancy is 61 and for females about 63. The percentage of people who can read and write in Niger is a little below 60 percent. Niger has multiple climate regions in its border. It's home to a desert region and tropical region. In some parts Niger gets good rain and in others it's very dry.

Movement is the geographic theme that represents the sharing of ideals, people, or things.

Plenty of things are imported and exported from Niger. A few of their exports are uranium ore, livestock, cowpeas, gold, and iron ore. Some of their imports are rice, machinery, vehicles, and petroleum.

Rice types that could be moved into Niger.
Petroleum mine
Those uh things that could be brought into Niger

Niger gained its independence from France in 1958 and their flag was made a year later. The country gained independence with a union rather than being very violent and killing for freedom.

Niger flag

Due to Niger's lack of development they use very primal farming tools most of time and get a lot of their technology like cars, computers, phones, etc. imported from other places. Even with that they have very little of those simple things we see everyday.

Plow being pulled by ox on farm
Types of cars seen in Niger
Basic laptop for sale in Niger

Niger has very few cars so their public transportation is packed and they use a lot of camels along with walking and they talk mainly with letters or phones.

Bus packed with people going around the town
Phone being sold in Niger
Camels which people in Niger would love to have to themselves

In Niger recently there have been a lot of kidnappings and killing due to terrorists or rebels by the name of Boko Haram. About 160 of hem were arrested recently while being recruited near Niger and Nigeria's border.

Video about Boko Harem and how dangerous it is.

Boko Haram militants
Boko Haram leader

Another problem in Niger recently is the death of people in the desert and heat in general due to their lack of or untrustworthy vehicles. There have recently been about a hundred deaths due to this. There have been volunteers digging graves for the dead of this tragedy. A lot of the bodies haven't even been able to Rest In Peace and have been eaten b animals or decomposed since sometimes they aren't found for a long time. Most of the deaths are migrants.

Sahara desert
Migrants ready to travel the Sahara

Niger is in crisis after crisis but going to Niger could be good. They have hotels and exotic animals and a lot of climates. Below is a video of a hotel in Niger.

Below are some animals you could see if visiting Niger.

Living in Niger permanently would be horrible. They do have private schools that are expensive where learning is available. They have very bad public schools. A lot of Niger children don't go to school because they help their parents farm and don't have a lot of free time. They listen to a lot of traditional music and some pop and rock music in their language.

Students in a private school in Niger.
Desert Rebel. A band in Niger.
Traditional band of Niger called Etran Finatawa


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