Christmas Spirit

A lot of people say they love snow

And I'm sure a lot of people do

When they say snow

All I do is groan

I groan because I shovel it

I deal with this every storm

So when they think of no school

I think of the pain my back will feel during the first snow

But after shoveling the only thing left to worry about

Is how long before the hot chocholate is ready

And when the fire will be kindled

But all that time stuck in the same house as your girlfriend or wife

Is bound for ill tidings

That much time alone in a house

Is enough to make any couple become hostile towards one another

The close quarters and no breathing room will make tensions high

And the patience shorter

Not a good recipe for a day of break

But at least the parties are fun

Everybody dancing to shitty music

And having a good time

That's all there is to it right?


It starts out with an innocent group glass

And a cute pose

But soon it turns sour

And you look around at your friends and see

Everyone is shit face drunk

Or even gone to a different room in the house

Now remember

Snow is bad, and time with the love isn't always lovely

And parties 10 times a week isn't all that great

But most of all remember this

Christmas is all from a store

And santa is just a fairytale

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