The Southern Section is the Best Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Why colonist should come to the Southern Section

You should definitely move to the Southern Section. If you live here you can practice any religion you want. The Toleration Act of 1649 is the cause of coming to the Southern Section because you can be what ever religion you chose and you don't have to be the same religion as another person.

Religion is one of the reasons to come to the Southern Section

Geography is Great in the Southern Section

The geography is great! Yes, its hot and humid, But its great for farming. It's constantly warm throughout the whole year so you can farm throughout the whole year! It has a lot of fertile soil.

Farms in Southern Section

The Economy is great too.

There is a lot of reasons why the economy is great. Fertile soil helped for growing tobacco, rice & indigo for profit. They also raised corn, cattle and hogs. Agriculture ruled the economy.

The economy is great in the Southern Section

Politics are very good in the Southern Section!

Politics are great! For example each colony has governors which are assisted by advisory council. Local government was chosen by the citizens. Also the Toleration Act of 1649 made it a crime to restrict the religious right of Christians. that's why the political system is the best!

Toleration Act of 1649

The social part of the Southern Section is good too!

The social part is good! For example some colonies trades with local Indians with deerskins to sell for profit. They build ships and farm for jobs! That's why the Southern Section is the absolute best!

We trade Deerskin!

That's why the Southern Section is the best! The P.E.G.S. are great! Come to the Social Section to live a great life!


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