Ingoldsby Academy Newsletter February 2020

Hopefully everyone is rested and recovered from the various colds and viruses of last term. Welcome back to Spring Term 2! Can you believe that it's this time of year already?

We had a fabulous WOW day last term. Thank you forthe effort made to support your child dressing in the theme of their topic: WW2 or Ancient Egypt

While taking a look at children's writing, I was really impressed by the progress made by EYFS children. Check out Tom's writing here!

Thank you so much to everybody for helping us out with transport for the Colsterworth Festival. It would have been such a shame to cancel at this late stage.

Could I remind all pupils including Y6 to wear their proper school uniform with Logo- not hoodies. T-shirts must be tucked in and black school shoes worn for the KS2 choir and Choral Speaking. In the dance club act in the afternoon, it is party clothes. We will change at the Meres.

World book day is the 5th of March. We are challenging pupils to come dressed as their favourite book character as part of a house competition. Dahl are currently in the lead so Blyton and Carrol have some pressure!

Mid year reports are out on Friday 6th March.

Parents evening and IEP reviews will take place on 23rd of March. Appointments will be available soom via MCAS

Easter school for Y2 and Y6.

Following the success of Easter school the past 2 years, we are offering Mathas and Engliah activities for both y6 and Y2 on the morning of the 14th and 15th of April. Sessions will run 9am until 1pm and include a warm snack.

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Coming soon... Brand new school website.

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