My Spring Break Photos

This represents Architecture because it shows the chalets in Verbier. These houses are unique because they are made of wood and there aren't any apartments like here in Doha.
This is the community in Geneve☀️ It is very pretty because it has the mountains in the back with the reflection in then water. I used contrasting colours in the mountains, flowers and horses.
This is a doorway of Castle Chillon. Used the rule of thirds and put the doorway on the left inner corners of the grid.
This represents my friends, walking in the village. We would always go to too the village and walk because the weather was amazing!
The glow in this picture is the sun
This represents On the Move because the horse is physically moving. I used the rule of thirds becasuse the man is lying on the third line of the grid.
This represents peace because the park was very quiet and calm. Also, the flowers reminded me of "peaceful"
These 3 pictures show nature and contrasting colours. They all also have a depth of field. In the picture on the bottom left, I used a different perspective which was getting down low. And for the picture in the top right, I changed my perspective to up high.
This castle reflects onto the water and it doesn't have a distracting background. The water was still and clear so I was able to get a good reflection of the castle.
Here, we were up high in the mountains. in this picture there are converging lines which are the cables. They get more narrow at the bottom,
This is a statue on the beam and he is upside down. Here, I filled my subject 100% which is a long shot.
I took this picture in the highest point of Verbier (where I stand.)

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