Water scarcity in Egypt CAITLIN BORG-MISs YEO

Physical water scarcity is when the water is physically not there to meet all demands. Egypt has been suffering from water scarcity due to uneven water distribution, misuse of water resources resources and inefficient irrigation techniques. Eygpt relies on the Nile oriver for its man source of water, for drinking and agricultural and industrial.

Every single person is trying to get water. There are holes everywhere that have dried up.
Every thing is dry and dirty.

Eygpt gets less than 80mm of rainfall a year and most of the country is desert. Water is wasted on irrigation. This creates an unemployment.

The factors that cause water scarcity in Egypt are the climate and environment. Eygpt has very little rainfall and the climate is very hot and dry.

Eygpt population is continuously growing. More people need more drinking water and also water for food.

People use the river Nile for drinking and agriculture but it is polluted with waste water dead animals and chemical waste. This affects the health of humans a agricultural production.

Where in Egypt is located in North Africa

Eygpt is a mediation country boarded by the Gaze Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to east , the Red Sea to east and south , Sudan to the south and Libya to the west.

Shows where water scarcity is located in the world

This map shows that water scarcity affects all different countries by ,physical water scarcity, economic water scarcity and water scarity.

This is just North Africa

Another factor that effects waters scarcity is the environment. The environment is hot and dry and the ground is so hard and sandy and crops can't be grown so this effects the food supply and people starve as well as having no water.

Another factor that affects is the government. The government has no money and is not able to provide water for all human needs.

Population graph

Rising population and economic development in countries of the Nile Basin, pollution and environmental degradation are making water scarce in Eygpt.

This is a map of the world on physical water scarcity, economic water scarcity and water scarcity

Physical water scarcity is when the country does not have enough water for the population to meet everyone's demands.

Economic water scarcity is when th government is not willing to provide an infrastructure for sustainable water supply.

Eygpt is in danger of using more water than it has. This will effect the country stability and regional agriculture. The people and the goverment must implement water conservation techniques and control water pollution, and implement efficient irrigation techniques to avoid disaster. Climate conditions can not be controlled and are hot and dry.


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