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Year 10 Media Club

Hello. We are Scott, Freya, Elliott and Hope. We are all Year 10 students at Magna Academy in Poole and we are all mad keen to explore a range of Media projects to broadcast Student Voice. We also want to give people outside Magna a look at the life of the school and the people who make up our community.

This project is called 'Meet The Teacher'. Every now and again we will be interviewing and photographing one of the Magna teachers. We will be publishing each interview as a microsite (like this one) and then broadcasting it via hyperlinks from the school's social media channels.

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Thank you.

Our first volunteer interviewee is Mr Harries.

Mr Harries joined Magna in September 2018 as a Teacher of Maths and he's already become a popular choice among students when we discuss "who's your favourite teacher?".

We wanted to ask him a few questions to help students and families to get to know him better. As a group we hope that this project will help the students of the academy and their parents feel more familiar with the staff because it is very common in secondary school for students and their families not to know the teachers so well. We think relationships and understanding are important if you're going to...

absolutely smash your GCSE’s!!!

Anyway, enough of this waffling on and let's get to the questions…

First we asked Mr Harries a nice easy starter question:

Q: "what did you have for breakfast this morning?"

He told us that he had only drunk two coffees (Really Mr. Harries? Two coffees? What about the full English or bacon rolls?)

We then asked him a more formal question:

Q: "At what university did you study before becoming a teacher?"

Mr Harries proudly replied that he had studied at the University of Chichester and that he took a three year Degree in Maths in order to become a teacher.

University of Chichester

As there had recently been a fun competition for students at Magna to see how many decimal places students knew Pi to, we asked Mr Harries:

Q: "How many places do you know Pi to, sir?"

He told us he memorised Pi to five decimal places (3.14159) because "that’s all you really need in Maths when it comes to non-calculator exam papers". Now there's a useful tip!

Then we tried out a tricky one!

Q: "What would be your name if your Forename was your first pet's name and your Surname was your first girlfriend's surname?"

Yes, it's a bit confusing, isn't it? Mr Harries laughed and replied:

Rex Steele

Wow. Now that sounds pretty powerful, doesn’t it?

We then asked Mr Harries some less humorous and more personal questions, starting with:

Q: "As a child, what job did you want to do when you grew up?"

He replied that when he was a child he absolutely hated the idea of desk jobs with a passion because he wanted to be more active, so he liked the idea of being a rugby player, a fireman or policeman.

We then asked him:

Q: "What is your favourite film/TV show?"

and he very quickly replied that it was without a doubt the Harry Potter series. However, he felt that "The Greatest Showman" was also a great film, although he doesn’t particularly like musicals because the songs just stick in your head too long.

It was then on to:

Q: "Who is your celebrity look-alike?"

Who do you think he picked? Really? It was Jack Whitehall. Here's a picture of Jack Whitehall. You decide...

Mr Whitehall and Mr Harries: Separated at birth, maybe?

Next, we asked Mr Harries:

Q: "What has been your funniest teaching moment ever?"

He laughed when asked this and then explained that there have been times when absent-minded or dreamy students have called him either Miss or Mum in class. Hands up anyone who has never been in a class where someone did that kind of thing by mistake. Embarrassing!

We then asked him:

Q: "Who was your role model when you were growing up?"

He proudly explained that it was his own father.

This is because his father has a fantastic work ethic and mental drive to get things accomplished. He and his dad are also very keen followers of politics, always discussing events and challenging one another's views. Sounds like they have a great dad-son bond. He's still proud now of his father, who has worked tirelessly in his career and recently became the chief executive of Dorset County Council.

We asked him:

Q: "What is your favourite and most inspiring quote?"

to which he replied that is was one by Dr. Seuss:

We asked Mr Harries:

Q: "Do you use any beard dyes or oils?"

He answered that he doesn’t use dyes (and that the grey gives that one away) but he will occasionally use oils depending on what his barber sells.

We said:

Q: "What made you want to become a teacher?"

At which point he humorously answered that it was because he 'loves the sound of his own voice'. He also loves the amount of holiday he gets because of school term times, especially in the summer.

When we asked him for a serious answer he told us he believes that he gets the opportunity to truly influence young people’s lives and, as his students, we can confirm that he absolutely does.

Finally, we asked Mr Harries:

Q: "What is the best part of teaching?"

Quick as a flash, he simply replied:

"Kids, People and MATHS!"

We would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Harries for allowing us to interview him, even though some of the questions are to some degree personal and some of them were just a bit mad. But it was a great laugh to hear some of his answers to the less serious questions.

Watch out for the next issue of Meet The Teacher. We hope it goes down well with the Magna community and with all our friends in the bigger world.

The Magna Media Club

Created By
Freya, Elliott, Scott & Hope (Y10 Media Club)


All our photography of Mr Harries was taken by this student team.

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