Mr. Munchers

At meeting this week we have been playing a new game. I call it Mr. Munchers, but many of the kids have decided it should be called "Pac Man". This game is great for practicing number identification and counting objects. It is also really great for developing fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in our fingers and hands.

Here's how you play: Partner 1 rolls the dice and tells Partner 2 what number they got. Partner 2 then has to feed Mr. Munchers (a tennis ball with a slit cut in it) that many bugs. Trade roles with your partner and keep going until Mr. Munchers's belly is full!

Before playing, we discussed what to do if you don't know what number is on the dice. Suggestions such as "ask your partner for help" and "use the numbers on the wall" were offered by some of our friends. Will and I modeled how we could respectfully offer some help to a struggling friend. "You could just tell them, 'hey look! 8 comes after 7, so I think that's 8. But that was a good try!'" Will suggested. This was a great way to remind each other of our story from last week, How Full is Your Bucket. We brainstormed some ways that our friends could be bucket fillers during this game. "Yeah! Like you can't just say 'ha ha I win!' because that dips from your partner's bucket," Clayton told the group. "You should also take turns," David added. Naisha also reminded us that "bucket fillers use kind words."

After I was sure everyone understood the directions, I assigned partners and the kids were off! They absolutely loved playing this game and we will be sure to get it back out at meeting in the future. Here are some pictures from our fun!

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