Siege of Derry By Niamh Carroll and Gracey Davis

Who was it between

The siege of Derry was between James IIĀ (left) and William of Orange (right). Their supporters were called Jacobites and Williamites. These groups were formed when James II was kicked off the throne for being Catholic and was replaced with the Protestant William of Orange to secure a Protestant England. James sought help from King Louis XIV of France who agreed to help.

What took place?

The Jacobites decided to invade Derry in March 1689. The first action the Jacobites took was to demand the surrender of the current Williamite stronghold under command of Colonel Lundy. When the Apprentice boys saw the approaching Jacobite army they shut the gates protecting all inside. This marked the beginning of the 105 day siege. The Williamites inside were completely blocked off from the outside world with near to no way to get new supplies. If anyone tried to escape they would have been killed. Soon enough when things got desperate they had to eat dogs and any animals they could find! People died due to malnutrition

How did it end?

On 13 June a relief force arrived but did not attempt to break the boom of the river as the ship's captain claimed he hadn't heard from the defenders and therefore assumed they didn't need help. Fortunately on the 28 July the MountJoy Ships' captain Major-General KirkeĀ was told by London to break the boom. This in turn ended the siege.

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