PAUSE A unique Co-Relaxation and wellness concept that provides access to private and shared relaxation spaces for the busy soul.

An escape that is short and sweet; rejuvenating to both your wallet and busy schedule. It fits into your weekend without dominating your entire two days off or slides into your work week by offering a brief yet powerful way to disconnect, rest and rejuvenate in a way that works best for you

PAUSE offers a variety of Relaxation Rooms. Each room is thoughtfully planned out, many with their own private entrances and a feeling of overall spaciousness rarely encountered in such soulful Fincas. Its beautifully maintained and carefully designed to create a gentle melody for you to relax and find a new sense of harmony

Dream Escapes: - Chose your dream destination and enjoy it from the comfort of our “VR Micro Escapes Hub” a deeply immersive 360 degree experience that transports you to the most beautiful relaxing places in the world



Joel Landi (Founder of The Performance Group / Author of "Rewired") personally leads the group. As a former Naval Officer in charge of high risk training, Joel combines the disciplines of military leadership, neuroscience and athletics to build an esprit de corp and a clear blue print for personal development. As a best-selling author, he also offers deep insight into creating change in relationships at work and at home.


Shhhh ..... its a secret. Okay, we will give you a peek, but only members will have access to the details. To maximize our interaction, we host group meetings once a month in-person. These meetings are at times unorthodox in that we could meet in a location that requires us to work as a team to accomplish an objective together. Cool stuff if you like the thrill of adventure.

Also Included:

  • One hour video conference call each month.
  • Members have access to a private Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Live workshop
  • Quarterly Member Only events
  • Private Insider activities that offer unique and accelerated learning opportunities from blending physical experiences with the principles of Neuroscience


This is a vetted group of 10 adventurous souls who are constantly looking to grow. The group moves seamlessly from a confidential peer learning group to your own personal board of advisors.

To make sure the group has the best possibly chemistry, we require an application, personal screening by our team, and a personal interview via Skype.

This elite mastermind not for everyone. Our community is diverse in terms of age, prior business experiences, and income. Our members include entrepreneurs who have created, built, and sold their own businesses. Others are Business Executives, CEOs and investors. All have been successful in their chosen fields and have met our member qualifications .


Build trusted relationships with peer level like-minded individuals

Members have access to a unique group of peers who have experienced similar issues and circumstances. Because of this informed perspective, Members are in a position to personally recommend advisors, experts, and resources to each other.

Gain actionable insights and feedback to your best ideas and key challenges

Our Members share best practices, relevant experiences, and a similar passion to improve the lives of each fellow Member. The secure and intimate environment sets the tone for the essential building blocks of growth: trust and transparency. This backdrop for learning and building relationships accelerates insight and creates value rarely found anywhere else.

Access a private network of topical experts to support individual member needs

Members will have access to specialized resources and subject matter experts to help support and foster their growth in identified key growth areas.

Unmatched Private Experiences Designed For You

Designed to help you to push limits, and enjoy life to the fullest. This is our "secret sauce" and what really sets us apart from anything you will experience. We believe this is where you will begin to have first-time breakthroughs, bond with other members and become your best-self.

Member Only Events

West Coast Elite hosts member only events designed to highlight specific opportunities for consideration by members, and hold roundtable discussions centered around topics of critical importance to the group for value added insights.

Inquire: Info@ThePerformanceGroup.us


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