Privatized Foster Care How it is ruining the foster program

"One of the nation’s largest for-profit foster care agencies, Mentor, has recently come under scrutiny after investigation has revealed a string of missteps leading to abuse, mistreatment, and several deaths. While organization executives have dismissed claims that National Mentor Holdings’ negligence has resulted in substandard services, the company has received some of the highest numbers of serious violations in several states, including Massachusetts, Georgia, and Texas."

This is the lead written by Michele Bittner. This is a summary lead, used to summarize the article to make the readers want to continue reading.

One point two billion dollars. This is how much National Mentor Holdings, also known as Mentor, is worth, the biggest privatized foster company in the United States. Thirty four dollars and seventy four cents. This is how much Mentor makes every day per child living in their sponsored foster homes. Despite the murders, sex abuse, rape, and failed background checks, Mentor still gets money every time they don't just give a child to a foster home, they sell these innocent children to foster parents. The people chosen to foster the children through Mentor are normally criminals, drug and alcohol addicts, and people without jobs. The parents are given forty four dollars and thirty cents a day to keep these children. Privatized foster care is not a safe home for children, but a place for modern day slavery.

For the lead I wrote for this article, I made it a creative lead to catch readers attention, making them want to keep reading to find out more.

The 5 W's of an article:

Who: the author of this article was Michelle Bittner, talking about children in these privatized foster homes and the foster parents,

What: People are trying to publicize the mishaps and wrong being of privatized homes in the foster care system

When: as soon as possible to keep more tragedies from happening.

Where: The company National Mentor Holdings, has the most foster parents in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Massachussets.

Why: Kids are being raped, physically abused, and even murdered in these homes with unfit parents. Privatization of foster homes is the modern day version of slavery.

"We get vengeance on these people and it makes us feel better temporarily," he said. "But true justice would be making real change in the system so no kid is ever put through this kind of nightmare again."

Sherri Small, the abusive mother and murderer of Alexandria Hill, has been placed in prison. Even though Sherri has been placed in prison, there are still many other abusive mothers and fathers out there that need to be exposed, and we have to work together to make that happen.

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