UAV Technology How this emerging technology is being used to increase safety, improve decision making, and streamline existing workflows to grow profits within the AEC Industry (and beyond)

UAVs (drones) are making a huge impact all around us. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear something (good and bad) about UAVs. This emerging technology is opening up so many new opportunities due to the mass popularity, flexibility, potential, and rapid innovation by developers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs trying to reach the untapped markets that haven’t been discovered yet.

AEC Industry (and beyond) is being elevated to new heights through the use of UAV Technology as firms and entrepreneurs are supplementing their existing “tool boxes” and offering value-added, niche services that have never been offered before and to streamline existing workflows to grow profits.

The use of UAVs will continue to grow at a rapid pace as the general public and governments continue to get comfortable with the technology, potential applications, and new laws adopted to ensure all of us are protected.

The use of UAV Technology reaches across several different industry applications, so naturally there would be some commonalities between them all.

Here is a list of common value-added benefits that cross all applications:

  • Increased Safety
  • Minimize Risk
  • Ability to monitor/observe inaccessible areas
  • Better decision making
  • Improved documentation
  • Provide more accurate information
  • Re-purpose content throughout all phases of a project
  • Opens up new opportunities that haven't been created yet
  • Improve existing workflows to grow profits

Construction Site Monitoring

Construction Site Monitoring Applications:

  • Quality Control
  • Monitor/Manage Materials
  • Earthwork Volume Calculations
  • Monitor Progress
  • Data Gathering
  • Site Mapping/Surveying
  • Document Non-Accessible Area

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Safety
  • Transmit High-Resolution Images & High-Definition Videos
  • Better Safety Records
  • Insurance Claim Documentation
  • Keep project on track, on budget


Inspection applications:

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Dams
  • Roads
  • Utilities
  • Facilities
  • Roof Tops

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Safety
  • Reduce Cost
  • Minimize Risks
  • Eliminate/minimize the use of scooper/lift vehicles to inspect hard to reach areas
  • Repurpose High-Resolution Images and High-Definition Videos for additional review in the office
  • Increase in visual observation


Agriculture Applications:

  • Livestock Monitoring
  • Property Evaluation
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Irrigation Management
  • Field Growth Observation
  • Apply fertilizer and water

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Crop scouting in less time
  • Provide accurate, on-demand data
  • Determine flood/storm damage
  • Insurance Claim Documentation
  • Operate more efficiently to increase profits


Utilities Applications:

  • Equipment Condition Assessment
  • Asset Management
  • Live Inspections
  • Site Surveying/Mapping

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Increase in safety/health
  • Inspect/monitor hard to reach/dangerous areas
  • Reduction/elimination of work conducted in high-risk areas
  • Minimize exposure to live circuits
  • Minimize site revisits
  • Reduction in cost to inspect hazardous areas
  • Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods
  • Live inspection to avoid shut down costs
  • Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Applications:

  • Site Surveying/Mapping
  • Inspection of On/Off Shore Platforms
  • Asset Management
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Live Visual Observation
  • Emergency Response
  • Basic Data Collection

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Complete surveys quicker compared to traditional methods
  • Create surveys that have higher level of detail
  • No loss of production allowing inspection to be done during production/construction
  • Increase in safety by keeping team members out of dangerous/hazardous areas
  • Reduce cost, time, and effort with significant increase in safety
  • Better decision making with high-resolution images and high-definition videos
  • Keep team members out of harsh conditions
  • More accurate and current As-Construct information for retrofits, replacements, and new expansions

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Applications:

  • Incident Remote Monitoring
  • Deliver Humanitarian Aid
  • Bushfire Prediction
  • Search/Rescue in mudslides, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
  • Conduct surveillances

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Quickly/safely gather essential incident intelligence for use of tactical planning
  • Real-time feedback for improved situational awareness
  • Cost effective compared to traditional methods
  • Avoids subjecting emergency response team to hazardous environments
  • Extend reach of emergency response team by flying over a variety of dangerous scenes


Mining Applications:

  • Inspection of Mine Walls & Slopes
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment
  • Material Audits
  • Manage fleets & material movements
  • Stockpile Inspection
  • Asset Management
  • Site Surveying & Mapping
  • Equipment Assessment

Value-Added Benefits:

  • Rapid, Accurate, and cost effective site surveying and mapping
  • Better decision making with high-resolution images and high-definition videos
  • More accurate stockpile calculations
  • Keep team members out of harsh conditions
  • More accurate and current As-Construct information for retrofits, replacements, and new expansions
  • Better Safety Records
  • Insurance Claim Documentation

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Applications:

  • Structure/Monument Assessment
  • Structure/Monument Documentation
  • Site Surveying & Mapping
  • Monitor Structure/Monument Conditions

Value-Added Benefits

  • Enhancements in analysis and inspection
  • More accurate and complete data collection
  • Better decision making and documentation with high-resolution images and high-definition videos
  • Data captured in fraction of the time than traditional methods
  • Saves time and money, and cost savings can be repurposed for reconstruction and renovations since every penny counts

Now I just touched on a few applications and value-added benefits that can be achieved through the use of UAV technology, and I know there are more as teams across the industry are disrupting the status quo as you read this right now.

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With the rapid change of technologies all around us, this makes it a very exciting and opportunistic time in history. - Eric DeLeon

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