Short Stories Project: Review and Rank By: Amelia Osborn

Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon is a short story that takes place in New York. The main character, Charlie is very dumb. Scientists at a laboratory wanted to conduct an experiment to see if they can manipulate dumb people's brains to make them smarter. Charlie was the perfect fit. Charlie goes through many tests and puzzles including racing against a mouse named Algernon. In the beginning the experiment worked, but as time went on, Charlie went back to being the way he was, dumb.

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart takes place in an old mans home. In the home loved the old man and another man. The old man had a very scary feature on his face, he had a scary vulture like eye. The man was disturbed by the eye and it slowly drove him mad. The man loved the old man, but in the end the man decided to murder the old man. The eye was too much for him and was driving him insane.

The Lady or the Tiger?

The lady or the tiger

The Lady or the Tiger is about a young man who commited a crime. The young man had to pick a door to decide his fate, either a beautiful lady or a tiger. When the young man entered the arena, he approached the king, the queen and the princess. The man gave a look to the princess asking which door held the beautiful lady. Without any of the subjects or the king or queen noticing the princess indicated to the door on the right. Just before the man opens the door the story stops with the narrator saying nobody knows which door held the lady and which held the tiger.

Ranking (1= best)

  1. Flowers for Algernon
  2. The Tell-Tale Heart
  3. The Lady or the Tiger


Flowers for Algernon was my favorite short story. Flowers for Algernon was very detailed and had a very nice plot. I liked how the story advanced and I just overall liked the plot and theme. The Tell-Tale Heart was my second favorite short story. The Tell - Tale Heart had interesting illustrations which helped progress the story. Personally the images helped me comprehend the story a little more. Finally, my least favorite short story was The Lady or the Tiger. I disliked this short story because of the use of language. I could not completely understand what was going on in the story, but I understood the main idea. Overall I somewhat enjoyed all three stories, but Flowers for Algernon was my favorite.

The End


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