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Hi, I am Abby Bartels. I have been doing art class all my life. All growing up, all through elementary, and all through middle school. I learned a lot through the years and I am exited for my first year of high school art. Growing up I wanted to do many different things. Then in eighth grade I though I had my heart set on working with kids, but that all changed when I started high school art. I now want to be an animator for disney, pixar, or possibly on youtube. This class has really widened my capabilities in drawing. Which I have really enjoyed watching the progress. One thing I have learned is to not draw say a human or a vase but to draw lines.

This is a small project that we did to start off the year showing the elements of art; line, color, form, value, space, texture, and shape.
For my negative and positive drawing I used light and heavy pressure to get the different values.
This is a before and after drawing of a hand. The one on the left is the before and the one on the right is the after.
This profile is not finished but I found it better then the other one I did. I am really proud of it and hope to finish it in the near future. I used blending to get the shadows on his face.
In my stippling I used the amount of dots I put to regulate the value.
This is my still life drawing. It was fun working with charcole for the first time.
This scratch board is of a tiger cub. I am not super proud of it, but I feel like I did my best. I used quite a bit of cross hatching to get the stripes the way they are.
This is my two point perspective. Using the vanishing point and horizon line. I could make the buildings easily.
This is my self portrait. The before is on the left and I am NOT happy with it. That is a monster of my nightmares. The one on the right is the after and it is much better. I do think I could have done a bit better though.
This is my oil pastel portrait. I a very proud of it. I was never really a fan of oil pastel growing up but I had lots of fun making this piece. If I did it over, I would tweak a few things.

I have found that I tend to criticize myself a lot and don't like it when others say it's perfect when all I see is every tiny mistake. I enjoyed learning all the new tequniques Mrs. Fuller threw at us. I also liked being able to help others because they thought I was "so good".

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