Chuks. Films Wedding season 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for viewing my work. I love to capture different, wild, raw people. My way of shooting is very reflective of your personality. The energy of your film heavy relies on your emotions, character and expression.

My goal is to encapsulate YOU, exactly as you were on your wedding day. One day you'll look at your film and admire who you used to be and who you are now. It's important that you reveal your real self. That's what will stir you emotions for the years to come. I'll be there to help or not get in the way!

Wedding Film Package

The Wedding Film package is the most desired elements combined into a simple form. You receive a 30 to 60 minutes long wedding film depending on the character of your special day. I will include everything that has been captured by my lens while my goal is not to document but to rather preserve all the emotions and atmosphere.

The package includes:

  • Wedding Film
  • Wedding Film Trailer
  • One cinematographer
  • 10 hours coverage
  • Delivery within 120 days
Price: 1900lv
  • A deposit of 600lv is needed to book the date
  • Overtime - 150lv/h
  • Weddings outside of Plovdiv - 0.3lv/km
  • For weddings 150km+ outside Plovdiv lodging is necessary

Short Wedding Film Package

The Short Film looks to capture the feel of your whole wedding in an innovative modern way. It is no longer than 35 minutes and includes all major rituals. The general focus is the emotions between you, your partner and your loved ones.

The package includes:

  • Short Wedding Film
  • One cinematographer
  • 7 hours coverage
  • Delivery within 120 days
Price: 1500lv
  • A deposit of 30% is needed to book the date
  • Overtime - 150lv/h
  • Weddings outside of Plovdiv - 0.3lv/km
  • For weddings 150km+ outside Plovdiv lodging is necessary


Audio Package - 300lv

Includes recorders for capturing audio directly from the DJ or sound board for a better sounding film. Also special internally recording microphones for speeches, vows or anything requiring crisp voice capturing. Highly recommended for all wedding days.

Wedding Teaser - 200lv

The Teaser is a short video under a minute that summaries key moments from your wedding with a focus on the couple. Delivery within a week after the wedding.

Assistant - 200lv

Helps with logistics, gear and also second shoots an important ritual of your choosing, if necessary. The Assistant gives me the freedom to take creative risks and in return create a more unique viewing experience for you. Highly recommended for all weddings if the budgets allows. Overtime - 30lv/h + lodging if necessary.

Second Shooter - 600lv

Greatly increases the production value. Instead of one vantage point, we now have two. All rituals will receive a new perspective creating a more dynamic story and a much enjoyable viewing experience. Highly recommended for difficult locations, weddings with 100+ guests and long hour days. Overtime - 70lv/h + lodging if necessary.

Full Documentary Edit - 400lv

Every single moment capture on your wedding day will be included. All recorded material without any trimming. Coloring, audio adjustments and gentle edits will be made.

Quick Delivery - 400lv

This add-on shortens the editing and delivery period. Once chosen, your Film, Trailer or Short film will be ready within a month.

Drone - 400lv

Using a drone is a wonderful way to take in all the beauty of our surroundings. The fresh perspective that is so unique and magnetic to us, can enhance a film greatly. A second shooter is required for this option as filming with a drone is time-consuming.

Post-Wedding Love Shoot - 600lv

During this video shoot you can relax and enjoy each other in a calm surrounding, away from all stress and pressuring gazes. Something beautiful can be created here as an addition to your wedding films.

Standalone Ritual Videos - 100lv per ritual

If you require a ritual/event fully created into a standalone video this option is for you. If you wish a full documentary edit prior notice is needed.

Corrections and Iterations - 200lv

This is in case you require small corrections on your wedding film, teaser or trailer. The price includes five small changes to one of the products listed above. A minor warning - changes will affect the general feel and look of the film. I do not encourage you request these but if you desire to have more of a specific moment, I recommend looking into RAW footage or a standalone edit of that moment.

All packages and add-ons receive a discount of 15% for weddings happening between the months of November and April.

For weddings outside of Bulgaria travel costs may differ. Please inquire for specifics.

Created By
Richard Chukwuma