Blackfoot By: Rex Covey and Hailey Johnson

The Blackfoot tribe started in the 1800's. They didn't become a tribe until 1806. Beginning in 1855 the Blackfoot signed a series of treaties with the United States that greatly reduced their territory.

In the early 1800's the Blackfoot tribe of American Indians held a vast territory on the Great Plains of the United States and Canada! The Blackfoot were nomads, traveling from place to place in search of food. They hunted together in groups called bands. Spanish explorer Francisco Coronado showed the horse to Native Americans in the Southern Plains.

They believed everything had a spirit. They use every part of the animal body and they don't waste anything. The Natives believed that spirits were part of everyday life. Blackfoot men hoped to meet spirits in visions. They believed spirits could give human power. They respect nature and NO one owns any land.

The Natives hunt buffalo for food everyday when they can. They also draw stories on their Teepees. Today there are about 27,000 Blackfeet tribes living in the United States and 15,000 in Canada.

When a tribe member dies they pray and dance. They sing songs and they draw the dead tribe members face on their teepees so he won't be forgotten.

Native Americans environment!

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Created with images by Boston Public Library - "Chief Mountain, Blackfeet" • Loco Steve - "Summit & Calf Robe Mountains ( 3 Views )" • Beinecke Library - "[Tribal camp of the Blackfeet Indians with Indian scout (Little Blackfeet?) in the foreground]. 37" • Beinecke Library - "[Blackfeet War Tipi]. 869" • Loco Steve - "------- Blackfoot Nation -----------East Glacier Park Montana" • Loco Steve - "------- Blackfoot Nation -----------East Glacier Park Montana"

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