Peyton Weaver Vocabulary


Push or pull that acts on an object.

I use force the open the can.

Contact force

A force that requires two pieces of matter to touch

You need 2 hands to drive.


A force that happens when 2things rub agents each other to provent sliding

When you rub your hands together you have friction.

Non-contact force

A force that acts at a distance.

A magnet is a non contact force.


The force of attraction between any 2 things.

Gravity keeps the moon from flying away.


The rate of speed of motion of an object changes over time.

We acselarate on the introstate.


The tendency of an object to resist any change in motion

Springs have a mild enertia.

Simple machine

A Machine made up of one or two parts.

A nut cracker is a simple machine.


A simple machine in with a bar moves around a fixed point called a fulcrum.

Levers can move heavy objects.


A simple machine made of a rope that runs around a grooved wheel

There are lots of pulleys in the world.

Wheel and axle

A simple machine made up of a cuculer object attached to a bar.

You can find a wheel and axle in all cars.

Inclined plane

A simple machine made of a flat surface with one end higher then the other


A simple machine made of one or two planes

A door stopper is a wedge.


A simple machine made of a smooth cilender with an inclined plane wrapped around it.

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