Technology and its Effect on our Society Miranda McAlister

The Apple iPhone was invented in 2007 and no one could have predicted the effect it would later have on our society.

According to a 2015 statistic, there are roughly 2 billion smartphone users in the world. I will be analyzing how technology affects society socially and how the constant use of computers, tablets, and smartphones affect people's brains.

Kids have grown up knowing nothing other than technology. What affect will this eventually have on their social skills, and even their ability to obtain a job?

Our world has been shaping around technology in the past few years. Most people can't go a day without checking their phone or their computers. I want to see how the constant looking down at our phones and looking at a screen affects our brain. Does it make us dumber or cause headaches from the constant exposure to screens?

Another issue related to technology is the social media craze. Teenagers are especially becoming obsessed with how many followers and friends they have on their sites. I'm curious to see how the social media aspect of technology affects our brain in areas such as self esteem and self obsession. Also, how does it affect our social skills in person? Does social media take away from our ability to engage with people in real life?

Technology definitely has its perks, but I will be looking at the negatives it imposes and where the future for our society is headed.


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