How the world of work is changing laura ariko 10a

The world of work has drastically changed throughout he past hundred years, how? Technology has taken over the world, this leads onto snapchat , instagram and work apps and websites like showbie, quizlet, prezie and this website also! but this is not a bad thing , this saves paper and the need to photo copy booklets which saves time.

before technology came along, a lot of money was spent on books and booklets.

But as to all things, it has disadvantages like they can cause hassle, sometimes websites can crash or are unavailable due to updates which may really anger people, they also might not have the right piece of technology e.g. showbie can only be accessed / downloaded on a computer or an iPhone and people may not have the money to purchase these gadgets.

this picture represents how technology has taken over the world of work.

But not only has technology taken over the world, so has Globalisation. What is globalisation? Globalisation is when goods e.g. food , clothes, technology, furniture , equipment and ideas are transported and shared with the world. Now we can walk into a shop and buy apples from New-Zealand and bananas from north America , Costa Rica is the name of one of the banana farms.

this is a link to a website which explains globalisation in further detail.

changing employment patterns, work and the office is also changing due to technology. now a days people in the office use computers and photo copiers etc. and are more focused on the technology more than the actual job itself. to buy all this equipment it costs very much and workers are often not concentrated due to this and a lot of time is spent with this technology and they could also keep workers back as at times machines can break down, or maybe someone might not know how to use such technology and may be hard for them to learn how to use it.

Skills and Qualities : you need a lot of skill to be able to know how to work computers , Ipads , over-head projectors , apple TV , photo copiers etc. and may take time to get used to.

Over all globalisation has changed our world, not just jobs , but everyday life. it has brought some difficulties time to time , but mostly, globalisation has made us work together to share goods and it has brought us all together.

Laura Ariko 10A


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