Carrie Nation By: Elizabeth Vance

Did progressives make important and effective changes to society?

Carrie Nation opposed alcohol usage. She went around destroying saloons with a hatchet. Many people were afraid to get in her way and stop her even police men, so she moved on to the next city, and was then arrested.

"You have to put me in here a cub, but I will come out roaring like a lion, and I will make all hell howl!" -Carrie Nation

Carrie led powerful marches that had little effect. She told the government that if they didn't enforce the laws that she had no other choice then to keep destroying the saloons.

"I felt invincible. My strength was that of a giant. God was certainly standing by me. I smashed five saloons with rocks before I ever took a hatchet" -Carrie Nation

Carrie Nation was not trying to hurt anyone in any particular way, she was trying to protect all men from alcohol usage because she lost her husband do to alcohol. She was in fact angry with men who drank but wouldn't ever hurt them.

"Men are nicotine- soaked, beer- besmirched, whiskey- greased, red- eyed devils." -Carrie Nation

In 1880 Carrie's actions sold souvenir hatchets to earn more achievements and adopt banning alcohol. More and more women were joining her march because of the hatchets she was selling.

"Oh, I tell you, ladies, you never know what joy it gives you to start out to smash a rumshop." -Carrie Nation

In 1911, Carrie A. Nation died. Never living to see nation wide prohibition (America) which was included in the 18th Amendment which had had a great effect on people in 1920 on January 16th.

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