Design for Social Media Tariq Butt's Learning Journal

Workshop 1 - Creating a Social Media Post

As soon as I saw the assignment for workshop 1 I thought about creating a cool post for a poetry slam. In the pre-Digital Age (BD?), the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC always produced the best posters, postcards and promotional material for their poetry slams. The events themselves were electrifying, but the artwork and promotional material were the siren's call that first lured me and many others like me to the cafe. I wanted to recreate some of the magic that I first felt as a younger man, hearing the call of the poets through a poster on the wall of a school building. Hopefully, I have been able to capture some of that spirit in my post. 

Social Media Post for Poetry Slam

Working in Adobe Spark Post

For the most part, working in Adobe Spark Post is a breeze. The templates, layouts, color schemes and effects help me (and I think this should be true for most people) meet the majority of their needs. However, there is one general rule I have learned about Spark Post - if I have sliders to play with attributes I like the results a lot more than if I have a wheel or just options laid out for me. Here are some examples:

Enhance Photo Sliders
Image Filters Presets
Color Fill Swatch
Text Style Suggestions Wheel

Workshop 2 - Creating Social Media Video

When I started on the social media video for my workshop 2 project I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to relay the excitement of presenting before an audience, the thrill of being in the audience and the joy of being cheered on by one's peers. In order to achieve this, I relied on music and sound effects as much as clean and simple visuals. I normally stay away from too much reliance on audio when producing something for consumption on phones or other mobile devices because I consume this content with the sound off as often as I do with the sound on. So, I decided to relay the information such as the call to action, the name of the event, the venue and the schedule visibly and build the excitement of a poetry slam through audio. I hope I was successful.​


Created with an image by Andy Art - "untitled image"