Nature Art Sketchbook (Nature earth artists)

The perfect place to explore your creativity.

MONDAY! We learned to look closer. We learned to draw what we SEE, and not what we KNOW.

We drew from nature, and collected items from nature for our own natural still life!


The more you look: the more you see.

The more you see: the better you draw.

We learned about contour lines, and practiced drawing Blind Contour and Modified Blind Contour drawings!


Today, we reinforced our skills of observation. We walked to a nearby pond, discovered an ant infestation, many squirrels and birds... and of course, FROGS and TOADS!


Today, we prepared our portfolios and our sketchbooks to show off to an audience! We gathered all of our nature finds and even took a last day nature walk. We spent our last day of studio time using all of our newly learned observations of nature to create our own, original fantasy nature drawings. There is nothing better than flexing your mind-muscle and inventing things from your imagination!


The perfect place to explore your creativity.


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