Samurai project By: SYdnee tallant🐳 Period 5

The rise of Military Society

When emperors lost power, Military leaders (Shoguns and Daimyos) took control

Shogun: Military leader has the real power

Daimyos: One of the great lords who were vassals of the shogun, (land owners)

Samurais: Trained warriors in private armies led by the Shogun

Samurai armor: Lamellar armor is actually held together in pieces by some form of cords. The armor was made of Iron and covered with leather to keep it They also used leather cords to keep it together.

Samurai weapons: They used a lot of swords such as long sword and Katana. They also Used bow and arrows as well.

Samurai fighting skill classes and armor

Samurai fighting skills and armor

Steps to become a samurai: Talents in swordsmanship, and other stuff such as great scholars. You would have to follow the warrior code Bushido. If not following the rules or the list the Shogun gave you you would have to kill yourself.

Tough to be a Samurai I would not want to be one 😳

What were Samurais trained to do: Training in material arts was considered very important and often began at age 5. If you were born in a wealthy family you would've taken academies, where they would tutor in litature,the arts, and military skills. Mastering just horse riding archers took years to master.

Bushido: The code that Samurais had to follow. The code: Bravery,Loyalty,Honesty,Honor etc.

Bushido means "Way of the Warrior"

Samurai's really loved Zen Buddhism. Doing meditation helped them have peace and be prepared for the next battle. The Shogun is in charge of their fighting skills and training for them. They think meditating around nature will give them good luck.

Samurais if they did something wrong they would have to commit (Seppuku) ritual suicide and die an honorable dearth due to Disgrace or execution but some Samurais rather kill themselves then living a long life
Samurais spent time as well getting a scholars as well wealthy families put their child in academies learning Writing,Litature, material arts all that stuff. Not so wealthy families didn't put their son in academies they put him into A public school to first get a education and eventually get into the academy to get a scholar.
Samurais spent time on meditation and Zen here's two different types of Buddhism.
Amida Buddhism: These Buddhist believed that all people could reach paradise. Honen taught that believers could reach paradise by relying on the mercy of Amida Buddha He taught that believers could enter the paradise land by prayerfully repeating Amidas over and over up to 70,000 times a day wow! Then, when a believer died, Amida Buddha would be waiting to escort the believer into the pure land.
Zen Buddhism: Unlike Amida, Zen calmed you and believers say it gives you good luck and you feel peace when meditating. Zen masters created gardens to aid in meditation. Zen helped Samurai learn Discipline,focus there minds,give them good luck, win the next battle, and overcome their fear of dealth
Samurai women: Women in samurai society changed and declined overtime different things have happened. 12th century: When her samurai husband dies, She could be in his position and perform the duties of a vassal. Even if the women never really fought they would have to loyal and brave just like men samurais. 17th century: Women's position weakened. Wives were expected to care for the family and look after her husband. Sometimes when the husband died they would kill themselves. Being a samurai wife was not that fun :|


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