How to Read Contents of PST File Discover How to Read Contents of PST File Despite Fulfilling Criteria

Outlook Data Files are usable both in server environment and individually. Outlook platform is enough for accessing a PST file. Yet a number of users are confronted with hurdles while reading or opening an Outlook data file. Failure is experienced in specific conditions because of failing to meet the required criteria for accessing a PST file. This segment will logically explain in detail how to read contents of PST file and why some of us are still unable to achieve it.

How to Read Contents of PST File?

An Outlook Data File or PST file consists of the entire user profile data, which includes collection of email messages exchanged through the account along with the respective user’s contacts, calendar entries, tasks, etc. Therefore, the structure of a data file is prepared not in the standard message storing format. Thus, when it comes to an Outlook data file the standard electronic message reading techniques are not applicable.

The only possible way to view or read a PST file is open it on Microsoft Outlook client. There are several ways of reading an orphan PST file on an Outlook profile:

  1. Open the Data File – The file is temporarily opened on an existing profile for viewing the data within, using Outlook as a platform.
  2. Import the PST File – The data file shall be imported on to the profile and will only be removed from the folder list once it has been closed.

However, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to read a PST file successfully. The conditions are:

  1. Configuration: It is mandatory for a PST file to have an Outlook environment in order to be opened. PST is the proprietary data storage format for Outlook therefore; there is a huge dependency on the platform.
  2. Corruption: PST files need to be in a healthy state. Although, the orphan state of a data file does not matter but the integrity of the data file must be stable and not damaged. Even Outlook cannot read a PST file that is damaged or has an unstable integrity.
  3. Protection: Restriction is another name for protection, which is applicable on a PST file in the form of password. The data file can be protected from unauthorized usage with the help of password. Therefore, a protected PST file cannot be accessed without having the correct password to it even though the platform is Microsoft Outlook.

Role of Commercial Programs

Criteria applied on PST files to be readable are not applicable as far as third party applications are concerned. External applications are programmed to create an environment that releases users from the restrictions imposed on them in order to access a PST file. Free PST Viewer is amongst the many third party tools used for knowing how to read contents of PST file without required criteria. However, the program is a one of a kind owing to its free of cost availability unlike other relatable applications. The application views unlimited data files within few moments. The tool is completely free of cost to open, preview, and read PST file. The software supports all Windows OS to preview data files. If the user needs to save the viewed data then, they can use the Pro version of the tool i.e. PST File Converter.


Most of the time it is important for users to open and read their PST files contents. After understanding this, we have come up with a solution to open and preview complete MS Outlook PST file without platform dependency.

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