NDSU Indoor Football Practice Facility Coming Soon

“One thing that has separated Bison Athletics from other institutions across the nation is our relentless commitment to excellence. A critical component for our continued success is the addition of a permanent indoor practice facility. With the large majority of student-athletes training year-round, and given the harsh winter weather conditions in Fargo, a climate-controlled facility for practice and training allows for uninterrupted, high-level preparation in all seasons.” - Matt Larsen, director of athletics
“The NDSU football program’s standard of excellence continues to be raised each year. The addition of a permanent indoor practice facility is just another step in our vision of excellence. The need for a permanent indoor practice facility is greater than it has ever been. There will be a great impact on our program, player in-season preparedness, and year-round player development.” - Chris Klieman, head football coach

The $37.2 million project includes two artificial turf fields – one indoors and one outdoors – on the site of the current practice fields near the Sanford Health Athletic Complex.

“The size of the facility will allow us to hit full wedge shots up to 100 yards and to hit all clubs up to the driver into the netted wall. The length of the facility is enough that our players can see what the ball is doing and have confidence in knowing where the shots will end up. In conjunction with our new short game facility, we are able to fully prepare our players for competition even in the heart of winter.” - Matt Johnson, head women's golf coach
  • Full 120 yards long and 60 yards wide
  • 70-foot height clearance
  • Locker room & team meeting room
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Strength and performance center
  • Designed for multiple outdoor sports
“After previously practicing in the Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse, the Dacotah Field Bubble has made a huge impact on our program by allowing us opportunities we didn’t have in the past. We are now able to have multiple practice fields at one time, hit live on the field, and use four batting cages. A permanent indoor facility will allow our student-athletes year-round practice opportunities and make an impact in recruiting.” - Darren Mueller, head softball coach

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