Lake living By: Tristan Unreiner

Food: For food I would fish the lake to supply myself with meat (pike, walleye, perch). Along the shore line of the lake I would grow vegetable and fruit crops. I would grow vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots for both vitamin A and B. I would also grow apples, strawberries and raspberries so that I have my healthy amount of calcium. I will not be making my own food and I will have a private chef who makes me whatever I am craving.
Shelter: I would live in a log cabin along the shore of my lake. Living in my mansion is all of my family and my dog Keeko. In the backyard there is a stone pathway that leads to the dock. The backyard also consists of a fire pit and mosquito free mesh that surrounds the house. The inside of the house has gold door handles and marble floors. The tubs in all of the bathrooms will be replaced with full size hot tubs. There will be large windows in the back of the house to let in natural sunlight and to view the lake.
Entertainment: In the summer I would have both seadoos and a boat to keep me busy with all of my family and friends. I would also have an all year round running recreation center. My recreation center would include a NHL sized arena with a workout gym and two tennis courts. During the winter months I would create a ski hill big enough for 5 runs that is running 24/7.
Clothing: On hot summer days I would wear swim shorts and shades on the boat and on the deck of my house. When it is windy or colder I will wear a sweater with jeans or sweat pants. On rainy days I will be inside me recreation center and I will be wearing workout clothes while doing this. During the winter months I will be wearing jeans everyday with a plaid.
Essentials: Xbox, Wi-Fi, toothbrush, unlimited data, first aid kit, gas, deodorant, a gun, WATER, bug spray, medication
Symbol: This symbol is related to my utopia because the trees that border the lake make it a peaceful place to live. This symbol relates to my utopia house because it is the building block to my log cabin a log cabin built from the trees surrounding the lake. When I think of my utopia it is on a calm and quite lake with a forest that surrounds my house and the water.
Created By
Tristan Unreiner


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