Harn Museum of Art Zachary jones

Medium of the Art:

Art piece: Filaments of Light by Yvonne Jacquette This piece of art was the first thing I looked at at the museum. It's just one of a series of woodcuts by the artist. I'd never seen a woodcut before this one, and I was struck by the insane amount of detail put into it. It must have taken thousands of little cuts in the wood to create this work of art. However, the finished product is a rather natural looking depiction of New York. You really have to look closely at the piece to realize the level of detail involved in its making. Looking at the woodcut, I feel like I'm in a helicopter over the city at night.

Design of the Museum:

The most striking part of the museum in my opinion was the high ceilings of the main gallery, and the blue, rectangular windows which let in colored light. The lighting was very different from normal buildings and complimented the pieces of modern art hanging in that gallery. They design of this room definitely put me in the mood to look at art, which is a good thing considering I get bored pretty quickly at art museums.

Art and Core Values:

Artist: Herman Herzog This series of paintings by Herman Herzog instantly reminded me of home when I saw them. Herzog was a German artist who took several trips to Florida at the turn of the 20th century and fell in love with the natural environment. His paintings of the Florida scrub and swamps perfectly match my image of Florida. The paintings remind me of going on hikes through the florida woods with my grandparents as a child. Seeing these paintings made me realize how much Florida means to me and that these images will always remind me of home.

Art and the Good Life

Art Piece: Fuoco artificiale detto la Girandola che s'incendia sul Castel S. Angelo This piece of art by French artist Louis-Jean Desprez quite obviously evokes the themes of the Celebration module. Although my photo doesn't quite do the etching justice, it depicts a fireworks show in Rome, with a crowd cheering in the foreground. The group of people cheering in this piece depict how celebration can unite and create a sense of community. I think this piece is a perfect visual representation of the celebration module, as fireworks are a common symbol of victory and joy.


Zachary Jones

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