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I am not exactly a film connoisseur, but movies are something I highly enjoy. It is not uncommon to find me at a midnight premiere for any movie that I have highly anticipated seeing. That being said, I do have some films I really love, and others I highly loathe.

My all time favorite film would logically come from my favorite film series (sans the prequels of course). In my personal opinion, Empire Strikes Back is nearly a perfect film. It has drama, action, romance and a kickass soundtrack thanks to my man John Williams. If anyone can make a logical argument as to why this movie is less than AMAZING I would love to hear it. My only complaint with this cinematic gem is I wasn't around to see it in theaters. Now that we have the incredible taken care of, lets move on to the less enjoyed movie...

The recent reboot of Fantastic Four was probably the worst thing I've ever laid eyes on, cinema or otherwise. Not only was the acting stale and depressing, the plot was convoluted, and the CGI would have been dated in the 70's. If I could go back in time and save myself the money I spent on this movie, I would be 15 dollars richer and a much happier person.


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