Journey Log 2 Metacognition

Megan Bernick-megbern97

Section 041

Journey Log #2


Habits of Mind being used: Metacognition

The video making process is definitely better and faster on Adobe Spark. I decided to make half of the video about literacy and half about self reflection because they were two main topics that were tied up in our Raid One that we turned in this week.

The first half of the video is dedicated to literacy. I made a few slides talking about literacy and the meaning of it as well as how it tied into what we did with it in our essay. Next, I put in a video of myself reflecting on the narrative we had to write. I thought describing the challenges I faced while writing the essay about literacy would really tie the two concepts together even more.

Next, I described what self reflection, or metacognition is. I felt like it was important to include a definition because "self reflection" can be a very vague term and "metacognition" can seem very technical. I also included a video of myself describing the importance of self reflection and how it was a major component of our essays.

I think it is important to show how both literacy and self reflection were present in our essays and how they can connect to one another.

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