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I am the type of person that jumps of the cliff and grows her wings on the way down, and while it may seem carefree and awesome, it also has caused me to experience a lot of "learning lessons" along this entrepreneurial path. I learned the importance of staying true to myself, what it means to find MY people, and being okay with the fact that not everyone is going to like me. Of course, there were the other learning lessons like actual businessy type things (throwing together a REAL business plan with actionable goals, the importance of sticking to a budget, and most importantly, VALUING MYSELF as a business owner) but my passion for inspiring and mentoring OTHER entrepreneurs comes from my overwhelming need to empower people in any way, shape or form.







I get asked questions A LOT on my Facebook, via email, and otherwise asking for people to "intern" with me or for me to answer questions for them, and while I love to help people, I am running 2 businesses and my time is in short demand and these questions add up!

So, I have created a few different mentoring options for people that want to invest in themselves to learn more about the business side of things!

Tough Love Teri Coaching Services: $199

My coaching services are to help alleviate some of the stressors we creative business people feel. With applied positive psychology I am able to provide you with some great strategies and solutions to help you navigate the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Initial consult is $199 and each additional coaching is $80/hour.

Get Started: $750 (available only in Winnipeg)

In this 2 hour mentorship session we will cover 2 of your top topics and I will provide you with my mentoring, a free Strengthsfinders test (to figure out how we can utilize you the best!), and a 6 month follow up to check in via skype or email to see how you are doing. For this mentorship option, I highly recommend having a list of specific questions so we can utilize our time the most efficiently.

Get It Done: $1550 (available for travel + local)

We will cover all of the topics that you are interested in person in one day or over 3-4 ZOOM chats(Depending on where you are!). You will receive a free Strengthfinders test, a 3/6/9/ and annual check in via ZOOM or email to make sure you are accountable to putting the advice given into action, and a branding/website report card. Cost of travel + accomodations required if I am coming to you.

Shoot the Shit: $5500 (available for travel + local)

For the One on One shoot out, I will arrange for hair & makeup, model (not an actual model, but a client), and provide you with the opportunity to shoot alongside me. The shoot out will last approximately 5 hours. While our model is getting her hair & makeup done, you and I will go over the areas you want to work on in terms of business. Once our model is ready, I will teach you HOW I shoot, pose, light, communicate, and create an authentic client experience to enable women to open up. You will walk away with beautiful images for your portfolio, new photography skills, and answers to any questions you can dream up during our time together. After the shoot, we will also cover editing so I can show you the techniques and methods that I use to achieve my signature look! (Add an associate shooter or fellow photographer for an extra $350 and learn together!!)

Group Workshops: $600/person

These will usually go for 6-7 hours and provide a set curriculum of how I run my business, what works/what doesn't work for me, my shooting style, inspiration to be yourselves and own your shit to attract the tribes you want, a branding report card for each attendee, and a stylized shoot including a fully made up model to practice your newfound skills. You will walk away inspired, ready for action, AND some kick ass images for your portfolio! If you are wanting me to do the group workshop in Winnipeg, it will be held in my studio spaces, but if you would like me to do a workshop when I travel, I can either come to your studio space and show you how I would work in there OR I will arrange for an airbnb or similar location. If you are requesting that I come to you, please note that travel + accommodations will be added on, but if I am ALREADY traveling, then you won't have to cover this cost! Minimum of 5 attendees and Max of 10 attendees. If you can get the full amount of attendees(10) you will get a free photo session with me!



various price options (click here to find out more!)

Besides photography, I also teach Body Image Bootcamp and various body image inspired workshops/talks! These are a great way to further enhance your WHY for boudoir, by providing your clients with a professional speaker on the topic of body image! By providing clients a 2 hour group workshop they will leave with a better understanding of the importance of empowering themselves, how to heal past body image issues, and the knowledge to cope when the negativity arises. Standardly, you charge your clients a "ticket" price to come take part and this will cover MY fee.

BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE - starting at $1500

Add a boudoir session to your mentoring or workshop! This is a great way to see what it feels like to be a client of mine and get some amazing images and a Tough Love Teri experience for yourself. You will receive a discounted session fee of $1500 if added onto any mentoring session or workshop, but if you want to opt just for my standard session while I am in your area, it is $2500 for the session fee + 35 digital images.

[Travel & Accomodations will also need to be covered in the event that I am coming exclusively to see you, so while it will vary based on location, on average travel + accommodation is an additional $800 outside of Canada]



Sam Kidd - Crave Boudoir

I can't say enough good things about the mentor session I did with Teri. It was honestly the best money I have ever spent on my business. I got Teri to come to my new studio to show me how to utilize the space, but ended up getting so much more. I have been to several group workshops before, but getting to spend that one on one time with Teri was AMAZING. Not only because she is hilarious and fun, but she genuine, patient, and really cares about helping photographers succeed. The best thing I took away from the experience was branding. Before the mentoring session, I felt like my branding was just mixed in with a ton of other boudoir photographers and nothing really stood out. Teri gave me so many great ideas on how to build a brand that matches MY style and personality. Before the mentoring session, I felt like I had no sense of direction with my business. Now I feel like I have a clear path of how I would like my business represented and how to get there. Teri gave me honest advice on how to revitalize my business and clearly explain my reasons for shooting boudoir. We talked about some hard topics, but really dug deep into the reason I shoot boudoir. We covered everything from shooting, editing, branding, website, and marketing. While we spent some time shooting a non-model babe, Teri showed me a great variety of poses that work well in my small space. Afterwards we sat down together to review the images and go over some editing techniques to refine my style. Getting the one on one attention and being able to ask questions specific to my business was so helpful. If you are a beginner, or feeling like your business has plateaued, I would highly recommend hiring Teri to help you correct or find your branding, as well as your shooting style.

Leah Brown - Eesome Boudoir

In the beginning, I was unsure. Unsure about what I could learn from this person that I haven’t already learned from following her around social media for years. Unsure about spending a decent amount of money that could be applied to other very important things. But I made the choice, and took the chance, and I am so glad that I did. Listening, observing, soaking it all in. I learned so much, and experienced so deeply. The time spent with Teri is completely invaluable and absolutely worth every single penny. It’s more than words and posing. It’s watching her interactions with other people. Seeing her catch unspoken cues from every person around her. Just observing her while she worked was an enormous amount of knowledge, but what she taught along side it was incredible. If you ever get the opportunity to learn from this wise soul, do it. It’s an immeasurable experience and you’ll walk away with so much.

Before jumping into this, there is one thing you need to know....

I am called "Tough Love Teri" for a reason. This means that if you are asking for my help, I expect you to stop making excuses and start getting to work. Being successful at anything is NOT easy and requires constant dedication and patience. Do not expect your Instagram following to jump into the millions overnight, nor your ability of shooting to improve within one shoot. The tools and advice that I will be providing you are not a "quick-fix" and will require YOU to be diligent in putting them into action over and over again. I take mentoring extremely serious, because I am passionate about helping people live their one life with all the vigor they can muster. But before we become good at something, we must be bad at it....you will experience frustration and want to give up at times, but having the accountability (and me keeping an eye on you) will help you stay focused and on the right track.

So, if you are ready to take your business by the balls (or lady balls) then let's get started. Shoot me an email to get this show on the road:



Teri Hofford Photography

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