GTD2 Urban Planning Project Easton Scowden

Journal 1:

6 Types of Urban Land Use: Residential, Transportation, Commercial, Industrial, Institution, Recreational

  • Residential: Anywhere people live, houses, apartment buildings. 40% of a city
  • Transportation: Roads, subways, airports, bus stops and stations. 32% of a city
  • Commercial: land for retailing, wholesaling, offices and services. 10% of a city
  • Industrial: factories, warehouses, shipping and water. 6%
  • Institutional: Hospitals, schools, government and churches. 10%
  • Recreational: Parks, playgrounds, golf courses and etc. or open space. 7%
Source: "Urban Land Use." Ppt download. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

Journal 2:

What to build: graveyard, dump, hospital, subway, police station, apartments in city, suburbs, stadium, mall, city square, fire station, warehouses, factories

  • Residential: apartments, suburbs
  • Transportation: Subway, roads, bridges
  • Commercial: Mall, pharmacy's, office buildings, Jimboland Tower, auto repair
  • Industrial: Factories, warehouses, power plant
  • Institutional: 2 high schools, grade school, jail, library, police station, fire station, post office
  • Recreational: town square, stadium, theme park

Journal 3:

Rough sketch of city layout. pc// jj_grabes

We have general layout of the city mapped out

Journal 4:

We are going to start to make the map on the big sheet of paper.

Journal 5:

What we have accomplished in a week of building

Week 1:

  • we selected our plot of land, it is a desert with a river flowing through it
  • we expanded/flooded the river so it is a little bigger
  • Kurtz has built a bridge
  • Jordan and Coby built dams in the river
  • I have started the 500x500 border around our building land (update: i finished border at end of class friday)
  • we have also build a park, and started on of our apartment buildings

Week 2:

  • I have finished the apartment building and i also flattened a large area of land for the city
  • I was not here Thursday it looks like they made a bridge and started a new building
  • Also Coby and Jordan made the hospital and the roof was taken off by an ender dragon spawned by an anonymous source

Week 3:

  • We have built roads basically along our whole city, connection the city to the suburbs
  • Also I have outlined plop stadium, which is next to the amusement park being built by Coby
  • I have also started the suburbs and building houses for them
  • Jordan made the mall
  • Ben has mostly been making the roads
  • Coby is still working on his amusement park
outline of plop stadium/amusement park
Suburbs construction

What I have been in charge of:

I was pretty much in charge of all residential, though Jordan is constructing the last apartment building and some of the homes, I was in charge of the stadium, At the beginning I was in charge of demolition of mountains and just flattening the land. After I finished these tasks I have been filling in empty lots in the city with retailing and food places.

Our scenario was that a neighboring city went to war with another city.

  • Our response was that we would not get involved, but our boarders would be open to refugees.
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